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Garment Quality Furs, Buckskins and Taxidermy Services are now available

Services and Fees


  • Beaver: $36.00 | Black Bear: $21.60 LF | Bobcat: $48.00
  • Cougar: $54.00 | Coyote: $48.00
  • Fox: $42.00 | Goat: $54.00 | Mink: $25.00
  • Muskrat: $25.00 | Mule Deer: $54.00 | Otter: $30.00
  • Rabbit: $12.00 | Raccoon: $36.00 | Sheep: $12.00 SF
  • Whitetail: $54.00
  • ( LF=Linear Foot/SF=Square Foot )

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Buckskins Now Available From Your Deer Skins

Starting at $8.00 a SF

Taxidermy Now Available


A signed shipping form is required with all hides being shipped to Champion Tannery. Shipping forms can be sent to you via e-mail, ready to print out or hard copies can be sent to you via USPS.

Hides received raw off the carcass will be refused unless prior arrangements are made. Hides must be shipped dried. All prices shown include return shipping back to the customer and include basic fleshing. Any deboning, which includes; paw removal, skull removal, and tail splitting will be subject to additional charges. Customers will be notified before any additional work is done and before any additional charges are added. A 50% deposit is required on all invoices before any work begins. For shipping instructions and other information please email us at Champion Tannery.

Taxidermists whom are capable of thoroughly fleshing their hides, including but not limited to; shaving, thinning, ear turning, lip splitting, and pad cleaning are welcome to a 20% discount from the listed prices. Taxidermists accepting the discount will be required to provide a valid taxidermy license number and should be aware that hides sent under the above circumstances will be tanned as is.

Email Us at if you have any questions

330 Prospect St. - Bloomington, WI 53804. Telephone: (608) 994-3157



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