$1500 bow worth it?


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I went to an archery dealer recently to inquire about getting a new bow. My current bow is a 1995 Hoyt, with big aluminum arrows. It's a clunky setup by modern standards, and really shows it's shortcomings after 25 yards.

The dealer, who came highly recommended, had about a dozen bows for sale, total, and precisely NONE that were left handed (I'm a lefty). All the bows were $1000 (+/- $50), without accessories. I was told to expect to pay $1500 out the door in order to shoot. I looked at a new Hoyt, Bowtech, and a Mathews Vertix.

I kinda balked a bit, because that is about twice what I was expecting to pay. So I went home and checked, and the prices I was quoted were fair, and the bows I was shown were flagship models (best of the best).

I'm just a schmoe with a 25 year old clapped out bow, in need of a new one. I'm not an Olympian.

The Mathews Vertix did speak to me though. It seemed to have a tad smoother finish, better grip, and more refined and better finished cams than the others, with extra relief cuts. It just seemed like a more polished, sleeker package. *Wow*

I can afford the Vertix if I want it. It's a value question, not a cost one. Will the primo bow shoot substantially better than a $500 Cabela's bow?

For perspective, I carry a Springfield TRP for work. I have no problem beating up a $1500 pistol, because compared to how I shoot a Glock, the TRP is the hammer of Thor. I can do 25 yard head shots with the TRP. With a $500 Glock, I can usually only land most rounds in the torso area at 25 yards. The value is there.

Can I expect that level of improved precision if I spend $1000 on a bow, versus $500?

If the $1500 fully optioned Mathews bow will do for me what my TRP does, then I'm sold.

Last consideration, I tend to hold onto things, so I'll be married to this new bow for a long time.

Has anyone graduated from a mid level to a high end bow and observed a drastic difference?
I had several Mathews bows before a shoulder injury put an end to my archery.
They were all first-class, shot great, and were absolutely trouble free.
I’d say just get what you like and enjoy it while you can.
IMO, you can kill just as many deer, elk, etc. with a $500 Cabela's bow as you can with a $1500 Matthews and it will probably last just about as many years. Look how long your Hoyt has lasted.
I believe Diamond Archery has some decent bows for around $500 too, they are made by Bowtech (at least they were last time I looked). The newer bows are smaller, faster and a lot lighter than the bows from the mid 90's, so I'd imagine you will be pleased with whatever you go with.
My advice: Continue to go a lot of archery shops and shoot a lot of bows, see which ones you like the best, narrow it down, buy the one you like best.
Bow technology has changed dramatically since 1995. New bows are more compact, lighter, smoother drawing, easier to hold the draw with better back walls and faster shooting. I would go shoot as many bows as I possibly could. Ignore advertising hype and just look at features and shoot for feel. Buy the best you can afford and shoot the heck out of it. I'm still shooting my 2013 Elite Answer because I haven't found anything that stirs me to move away from it. When the technology really blows it out and/or I shoot another bow that just feels sooo much better I'll upgrade and start the process all over again. There will be that day.
Shoot them all and get a Hoyt when you are done....

It's a new world out there compared to 1995. I went from 2005 to a 2017 and its a serious change to say the least.
Originally Posted By: DaisyCutterWould you trust a used bow, sight unseen?

Granted I bought mine used, but it was $120.

Like most forums you just need to do your homework on the seller.
Normally the good guys will offer plenty of pics and get you more if needed.

Just another idea I'd toss out there.
I saw this, and being a lefty, I couldn't pass on it.


Kinda had the "new itch", but realistically this used bow has more potential than I ever will.

Mine now.
Originally Posted By: Tim NeitzkeBTW, get on a archery forum and check the classifieds. Good used newer bows can be had for much cheaper.

Sage advice I reckon. ;-)
I paid 1300 for a brand new loaded Mathews in 2008 and still shoot it. I bought a couple year old loaded Mathews as a back bow for $500. The No Cam for 500 shoots better than the 1300 dollar Helim.
Archery equipment is like computers, buy today and a new and better version comes out before you get home. Prices are sky rocketing. Almost all the stuff in the last couple of years will be plenty good for hunting. Like most have said, buy what you can afford and like. I see you got the carbon Matrix. It should serve you well. Looks like a good deal on a good bow. Old age crept up on me and I now shoot a crossbow. Man they have gone through the roof price wise. Spending a grand on a x-bow is easy these days. Mine is a several year old Excalibur and cost me about $350 but kills deer dead so its all I'll ever need.
I have never bought a current model bow. I buy a last years model on Ebay and save a bunch. Any bow made in the last 10 years is going to be pretty much the same, the technology improvement in bows has slowed down. I am shooing a 2014 elite energy, I am sure it will last me another 10 years or so.
I was in the same boat as you about 10 years ago. I had been shooting a old 1990's browning mirage. I went to bass pro and shot about 10 different bows low end to high end. Ended up with their house brand red head kryptic which at the time was a rebranded diamond black ice. Unless something breaks that cant be fixed I'll bee shooting this one for quite a long time
Check out the Mission Bows...also made by Matthew's and much more affordable.The Re-sale value on a used Bow is terrible...they upgrade them so fast each year that the value drops drastically unlike a good Rifle that's been taken care of for years!

Also check around on prices and see where You can get the best deal on the price!