17 hmr ?


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Looking at getting another 17 hmr to hunt with. Would like to have input from anyone that have shot these. I would like to know about the accuracy and any issues like magazine feed issues or cases sticking .
1 CZ 457 American or the synthetic model
2 Ruger Precision
3 Savage Minimalist

This summer I purchased a rim fire suppressor, so ya got to have a 17hmr with a threaded barrel right! My first hmr which I still have is the ruger American, which is great gun for what it is. This summer I purchased the bergar BMR steel and I have nothing but good to say about it as well. It is available with the carbon barrel as well. Both riffles shoot the hornady 20gr the best and the 17 for a close 2nd.
Hey possum#1, I invested in a CZ 455 Varmint 17HMR on the advice of my brother who was living in Colorado at the time. He invited me out for prairie dogs and after sighting in at 100 yds we went at it and it was at the time the most fun I have had in many years. No problems at all with the rifle and continued to amaze myself at the effective range that little bullet had, out to 175 yds no problem. After a couple hundred rounds I had to begin using Kentucky windage for some shots taken out to around 225 yds. We shot Hornady ballistic tip 17gr and my rifle was equipped with a Timney trigger. Brother shot a Savage A17 and scored almost as often as I. LOL! Get ya one and go at it!
I have a Savage with a heavy fluted barrel. I have to admit, the trigger is no less than horrible but the little rifle shoots pretty dang good. A buddy just bought a Tikka. It has a great trigger and I think it shoots better than my Savage. Not a lot for the difference in cost. I got mine used at a pawn shop for $200 OTD. His was close to $600 IIRC.
I have a Savage 93R17 GV and the CZ American 457 17 HMR. The CZ has a very slight edge in accuracy out at the 100 Yd mark, about 3/4ths of an inch group. The Savage is pretty dang close. The keys are playing with the Savage stock screws (torque) and finding the ammo that your particular rifle likes. I read and see video's of Tikka's and Bergara accuracy. Any of those would work well. A Savage A17 with a laminate stock would be a great one for the quick second shot follow up. None of mine have had any mag issues or split cases. I don't know a thing about the Ruger 17 HMR's.
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I currently have two Savage 17HMR's, one is a model 93 HB SS lam. thumbhole stock model the other is the A17 Target Sporter Laminate. My A17 will consistently out shoot my model 93, but, not until I spent a few hours messaging the trigger assembly in my A17 because right out of the box, it was absolutely terrible. I bought my A17 right when Savage came out with the Target Sporter model so maybe, at least I sure hope they are, better now.

Remember, regardless of what the box/label says all 17HMR ammo is made by CCI or Winchester with CCI making the vast majority of it. I think the only two labels the Winchester stuff comes in is Winchester and Browning.

I've shot cases of 17HMR ammo over the years in multiple different Sav. 93/17HMR's and two Ruger 77/17HMR's one with factory barrel the other with Lilja barrel and for me the CCI made stuff, in particular the 17gr Vmax ammo, has consistently shot the best. The Winchester/Browning stuff just doesn't shoot as well for me so I tend to stay away from it.

Keep in mind, all, 17HMR ammo is what I'd call hunting grade only and is far from match grade like you can get for the 22LR's so this stuff can vary, sometimes a lot, from box to box. A lesson I learned the hard way a long time ago with shooting 17HMR's, always re-check zero when you're changing Lot #'s even if it's the same brand/label ammo.

If I were in the market for a new 17HMR bolt gun the CZ 457 would most likely be at the top of my list. I've heard good things about the Tikka and a few others but the CZ's have always been pretty good and they also have really good aftermarket support as well.
I recently picked up a used RPRF 17 hmr from here on the forums. Topped it with an arken 4-16x50 in a 20moa mount. Haven't had time to shoot it yet.

But I've had an nef 17hmr since the round first came out and it has been a shooter.
I've got a black stocked Marlin with a 22" barrel, it shoots great. I like shooting it a lot very accurate. I even shot a coyote with mine, a few fox & lots of coon & even beaver.
Originally Posted By: Terry LightleMy best friend has a Marlin bolt action that shoots really well

Have had a Marlin 17vs for around two decades now. It still shoots
lights out. Too bad they had been "acquired" by other companies.
i have two savages, an early 93-17r in a boyds SS evolution and an A17 in a boyds varmint thumbhole.

both are capable of 1-1¼MOA. both are lot # fussy when it comes to ammo. both like to be shot dirty. i keep bad lot # tester boxes for rezero after deep cleans.

i wish they were cheaper to thread, like AR's are, or they would be already. i think that a17 would be awesome thru my sparrow.