2 blade single bevel got it done


Managed to prioritize Archery deer hunting again this fall. Opted to try a heavier 200gr. 2 blade single bevel broad head in an overall heavier arrow set up with a highgher FOC setup (21.4%).
Took a fairly large bodied Whitetail buck this Wednesday with this set up at 15 yards from a elevated tree saddle. Shot ended up higher than Id have initially preferred & a bit further back. To be more specific the BH entered between the 3rd & 4th rib from the back & grazed the lower part of the spine, exit was mid body on opposite side. Looks like the Aortic artery that runs just below the spine was severed.

Deer made it 33 yards & in under 30 seconds after the shot he Wobbled & tipped over.

Seems no good reason I have had my reservations on 2 blade heads.

Historically, I had been a expandable fan & when done right I still am a believer. one way or another a sharp head through & through will be the goal.
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I started bow hunting back in the 1950's, fixed broadheads were all we knew. We also shot lower poundage bows 45-55 lb recurves and long bows. Fixed blade broadheads worked just fine, if you hit them where it counted you found your deer. Being older now and not as strong I shoot a 45 lb compound now and still use a fixed three blade, just because they can be very light as I don't hunt deer any longer but coyotes are on the menu hopefully, I get one, one of these days.