2 Late Afternoon Thermal Kills


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I have had a couple of sounders coming in to my feeders in the late afternoon so I hunted early today. I have been setting up close at this plot with a 19mm Mark II scope at night but I switched to a longer range setup with a 35mm Mark II scope.. This rig is an upper I built with an AR Performance Socom profile melonite barrel mounted on a RRA lower.

The sounder was already there when I got to the first feeder so I had to ease out into the middle of a road overlooking the feeder from 165 yards. It was bright daylight and I was trying to get clear of some limbs and not spook the hogs. I could not seem to get my tripod stable but when I got on the big hog on the left I hammered him with a SSA 110 grain Nosler Accubond.

I also tagged this little pig about 45 minutes later on my other feeder from about 40 yards. I was sitting in my hunting cart and he popped out of the woods while it was still daylight. I had my gun laying in the rest and you can see I had to pick it up and lower it back down when he had his head down away from me.

Pic of the boar when I went back after dark to drag him off the plot.


This big boy showed 2 hours after I left. He is strictly nocturnal and will have to go in for a late hunt soon to get him.

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Nice, I have shot quite a few hogs during the daytime with my thermal scopes and they work plenty good during the day for me.