2023 #8

#8 tripped the chime at the bait last night. Thermal video starts with him standing over the bait pile. NV video is shorter. At that point he was suspiciously eyeballing the cage trap I put out over the weekend. (The trap is for the possums. I've been missing about half of the possums that have been coming through. Most of them have been young of the year a little bigger than the size of a coke can. Figured I could use a little help closing the distance.)

I'm maintaining two bait sites within view of the same position. One is 85 yards out, the other is 160. Rifle is a 243 with either 55gr or 75gr Sierra bullets. Both loads are sighted in at 80 yards. The heavier slug crosses the line of sight at 160 yards. The lighter crosses at 200. The yardage in the lower right hand viewfinder references the bullet weight.

The 160 yard bait is at the apex of an 11 acre beaver pond that funnels traffic to that site. It creates a natural pinch point.

Here's the PARD video. https://rumble.com/v2g64py-2023-8-nv.html
I need to adjust the ir as it's main beam is pointed a bit to the right.

Here's the XG50 video. https://rumble.com/v2g6exq-2023-8-xg-75gr-3100.html

That's how to get it done WF! Congrats!
#9 - Youngish female hit the ground. Cooking sausage and eggs for a late Sunday morning breakfast and the bait site chime sounded off. Went to take a look and caught #9 starting to leave the site. Had to let out a howl to stop her in the next opening. The shaky video is me pulling the trigger with the safety on. Got back on and folded her up.

High shoulder impact with a large exit out the base of the neck. 75gr Sierra.

Eggs were edible but a long way from over easy.


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Congrats wildflights on your continued successful season. Great videos and looks like the action continues. Keep an eye on the eggs and keep on stackin!
#11 Male the ground at 9:35 PM tonight. It's been a long week and I was already in bed sleeping. Didn't clear the cobwebs out and thought I'd hit record...sorry. He was 90 yards out and turned toward me at the shot. Paws in the air cause he doesn't have any cares...feet up.
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Hit #12 this morning while eating breakfast. Chime was going off and I assumed it was the chickens that had just been down there. Looked out the window and saw a little female chowing down on some stink bait. Video starts as I'm shoving the rifle through the door. Sorry in advance if that's unsettling. This is at ten AM so the thermal scans past some birds and the cat...the hotspot maybe twenty yards to the right of the coyote is Dexter the cat.

243 75gr Sierra Varminters - Thermion XG50 - Still image from the PARD

Short video. My eggs were getting cold.


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Thanks guys! I missed one this morning. Didn't have the little pup secured and she ran out on the deck. The toenails on the deck spooked him and he started bugging out. I let out a howl and got him to stop but I flubbed the shot...think it went over the back at about 175 yards. Will load the video when I get back home.

Critters are actively moving around here. Couple of coyotes in the last 24 hours. Seen lots of deer and possums out on the roads late last night. Think I managed to get three hours in the rack last night.

ETA- Those 75's are tack drivers. Any missing is squarely on me.
The 75's out penetrate the 55's four to one and leave big exits. There's little left of them when they're done. Don't need bullets that hold together for my applications.
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That's a bummer on the miss. I've missed a couple opportunities due to kids or dogs interfering and spooking off the animals.

Thanks for the feedback on the 75gr's. I'm currently about half way through a 100 rnd box of 75gr V-max's I got loaded up. When those run out I plan to load up a batch of the 75gr HP's.