2023 not getting off to a very good start


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Woke up yesterday to find some party goer ran smooth over my mail box. So I spent the morning repairing it. Jan 2nd, had a few rounds to try in the 6 CM and after a few rounds my Burris scope takes a dump. Actually it happened on my first round.

My first round didn't break paper, but it was a different powder and different bullet so I just kind of blew it off. Shot 2 was 3 inch's high and right. I shot 3 more into a clover leaf and thought I had a good load working. I then adjusted the scope to impact closer to the bull. Fired another shot and nothing. Didn't break paper. Hmmmm, something isn't right. One more shot and now I'm an inch low and an inch left. Adjusted again and fire a shot and it hit about 20yds in front of the target into the dirt. The scope is a Burris Signature HD. Not as high end as some but still a $650 scope and only a couple years old. Sure hope this isn't an indication of how my new years gonna go.
I woke up to snow this morning, no precipitation expected. By 9Am it was gone but it sure put the kibosh on sighting rifles this morning. Roads here aren't but for moisture.
I shot in a misty rain but we have indoor benches so it wasn't bad. Very disappointing that my scope went south though. Its one of my favorites.