2024 ecall recommendations


Im looking for a new call, roughly $500 max. Calling in western nodak, so wind and open terrain are the norm. Must haves for me are rechargeable batts, decoy, quality sound at higher volume, and reliable remote. Im using a 1st gen prairie blaster right now. It works fine, but holy crap is it heavy (10lbs)! Ive been looking a lot at the hellcat pro ($370) or the revolt (+batt pack $460) both on amazon since i have gift cards to use. Which would you all recommend, or maybe something else that meets those needs? Thanks for the help!
Ya, between the mfk sounds and rp sounds i havent heard or seen anyone that was disappointed in either one. Im guessing the x24 is louder than the hellcat pro, but curious how much louder the revolt is than the pro. If the 24 had a decoy and batt pack at its price point i would be all for it. Thanks for the reply!
I love my Foxpro. I have some advice on buying one. Check the internet for used ones. Sometimes you can get a really great call for half the price.
The outlaw+ is another one i was considering, but with the pack its a little over $500. Id be willing to put out the extra if it is worth it, but sound quality seems to be the only knock ive read on it. I considered the nomad+ for a bit also but read volume didnt carry over distance well.

I did get my current prairie blaster used. Works fine still, just a pita to carry to stands. With 8 d-cells its about as heavy as my rifle! Biggest reason im lookin at new is i have a $500 gift cert for amazon from work to use. Figured why not some new coyote tunes!
If buying foxpro from Amazon just be mindful that the seller must be an authorized foxpro dealer for the warranty to stay intact. That is unless they changed their policy.
Some thoughts, why an attached decoy, a separate decoy is far more versatile, internal rechargeable battery, if it dies your done something like a cs24 you just change out the battery pack.
So i have spoken with foxpro a couple months ago. They said as long as i had a receipt and it was a new purchase, not used, it was good to go. A new hellcat pro was listed that i bought, turned out to be a standard hellcat. Sent it back for refund.

I like the attached decoy for simplicity and on/off with the remote. I have an older quiver critter that ive tried to use, but as soon as the ground is frozen out here even the steel spike cant be driven in. Not quietly at least! Havent tried putting it on a tripod tho. Far as batteries, i always have a backup set in case mine die. I thought the hc pro comes with the lithiums and still has the ability to use AA’s but maybe im assuming? All the others the packs are bought separately.
The Icotec has a removable decoy on the Outlaw+.
I’m looking to get another caller as well, it’s between the X24 or the Super Revolt.
I’m using the Outlaw+ now and it works great. Just wanting to try something different for next year. Sounds stupid I know, but just like I change to different lures every year for trapping, I’m thinking different sounds might be beneficial as well.
Well, nothing great on sales over the weekend. Not in a hurry to buy so going to wait a bit, but def happening before next fall. Best deal i saw was the x24 for $499. Maybe ill regret not grabbing it but well see. Thanks for the help guys!
I got the call but havent made any stands because nodak summers have been crap for calling anything but ticks for me. It sounds great tho, plenty loud testing at prairie dog towns, and WAY lighter than my pb1!

Budget be damned i suppose…ordered the x decoy to go with it! Best of both worlds in that i can attach it or set up separate from the caller. Should be here fri or mon. Cant wait for fall now!