22-250 60g tmk what powder to use?

Originally Posted By: zr600Ok I have a 22-250 with an 8 twist barrel what powder would you guys recommend for 60g tmks?

With most of the best powder options so difficult to get, selecting a "best" powder from what you already have is probably the better question asked.

For velocity, I like RL17 in my 22-250 but I've also used plenty of H414, 4895, and H380 over the years too. RL16 and the new RL15.5 should work well also. If you have or can get any of those they will serve you well.
I used Varget for many years until it became hard to find. Since then I switched over to Staball 6.5. I really like the velocity it produces and it is very easy to load. It's my "go to" for my 22-250.
Last PD shoot in SD I shot one of my AR's loaded with 60gr VMAX ahead of 25.5grs of BLC-2!! Sat in one place all afternoon shot up 280 rds! Yes missed some but hit many more than I missed!! Was a very enjoyable day!!
I've used several for 60 gr VMAX s. The last few years I've used Varget and Big Game. I've used a lot of 4166 but you can't get it anymore. 8208XBR is another good one. I have several lbs of StaBall but haven't got around to trying it yet. A lot of great powders in the 22-250. I can never pick just one as the best.