I am currently waiting for barrel and stock to come in and get it built. I have a rem action not using so why not I thought. Should be done by summer I hope. Barrel 4 month wait. If I was buying a factory I would probably go with Tikka. I'm a lefty so my choices were always limited for choices.


PS. I don't see the point of getting a short barreled version. I think its stupid to cut it down because it will be too long with a suppressor. Suck it up! I would want a 26" barrel.

Tikka is a solid option so is Bergara and Ruger American.
I like my cut down 22-250 for running suppressed, so does Skinny. If I were using it for colony varmints then that might be a different story.
I don't think you can buy a new one that won't shoot. But how much you have to put into it to get it up to your expectation. I have a Sav 10/ Stevens 200.with a S.S.S. Comp. Trigger that is very accurate. I also have a Rem 722 that is on its third barrel that finally does what I want.

So I'd look at either one that is up to snuff already or one you want to tinker with.
I’d buy a Remington 700 VSF from the early 2000’s that’s been a safe queen and has the HS or B&C stock. I don’t care for the tupperware stocks. I love stainless heavy barrel Remingtons due to their accuracy and looks. All of mine and those I’ve been around are 1/2-3/4 MOA with minimal load development.
I have a heavy barrel Howa that shoots well. It was a challenge and I knew it would be. I found it sitting in the used gun rack with powder in the action and magazine box. I thoroughly inspected it after removing the B&C stock that had been added (no bubba bedding job) but a Timney trigger had been added. Throat and crown looked excellent and no bubba marks anywhere. I came to the conclusion a rookie handloader must have stuck a bullet in the throat hence the power. Knowing now what I didn’t then he was pushing oal trying to get it to shoot after the stock and trigger didn’t move the accuracy needle. Priced at 40% of its value I felt I bought it. After several different load combinations only grouping around an inch I had some 40 grain loads towards the top tightening up. Next trip to the range was loads pushing max in the heavier bullets as well and 1/2 moa became the norm. I have a couple magnum cartridges this way but never a small bore that needed pushed hard to group if it’s not shot out. 250’s usually aren’t this picky.
My Tikka shoots very well,it is a T3 Light.I do not like a lot of weight in a carry rifle,been there done that.Mine has 22 inch barrel and is threaded.It is 14 twist
If you could find a Tikka T3x or T3 in a varmint....look no further. They are a little heavy but your young enough the weight shouldn't bother you. They are hammers and you won't mind the extra weight. I have an older Tikka 595 in a walnut stock and its stupid accurate. A T3x lite would be a good option if weight is a problem and should shoot good as well. JMO, from seeing some of your equipment I just don't think a Ruger American will satisfy you and a few dollars more will get you in a Tikka.

Remington is hard to beat if you want to have add ons, barrels and accessories, customizing etc. due to the popularity of the 700. I have never owned a Tikka but from all reports I have seen, it’s very good. I do have a Bergara B14 Hunter in .308 that ai really like. I guess it all boils down to your personal preference, if you plan to do customizing in the future, and of course price. Keep us informed what you decide on. We like photos too.
Tikka T3x 223 for $400 in the classifieds. Swap the barrel to 22-250 AI.

I Really want a Tikka in 243AI. Savage actions have been very accurate but some of the new ones I've seen have more machine Mark's than my 1942 Mosin... Remingtons are everywhere and have every option....

I want a Tikka next.
Originally Posted By: Rock KnockerTikka T3x 223 for $400 in the classifieds. Swap the barrel to 22-250 AI.

You'll have to buy a bolt to make a 223 into a 22-250. Not sure how much a Tikka bolt will cost or if you could even buy one.
Idon't have a 22-250, but I have a 223 CZ American (LH) and a Tikka T3x Hunter (LH) and they kill the crap out of paper. I'm hoping to get them on some coyotes in the next couple of weeks in NM. Either one is fine.
Tikka T3X Lite is what I would purchase for an over the counter rifle today in 22-250. I bought a Tikka T3x Ultra Lite in 243 Win a couple of years ago and love it.
I have been a Remington guy for many years but all of mine are the older ones. As mentioned above, if you can find an older one that has been a safe queen I would buy it but they are like finding a Unicorn.
Originally Posted By: pyscodogJust did a quick search and the Tikka T3x lite has really gone up in price since I bought my last one.

News flash ! Everything has gone up !

Thanks to Brandon and Co.

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I've got a 700 VLS 22-250. It is bedded and free floated. Very first time I shot it the first 4 shots all touched @ 100 yards. A little heavy but accurate.
Originally Posted By: Tim NeitzkeOriginally Posted By: pyscodogJust did a quick search and the Tikka T3x lite has really gone up in price since I bought my last one.

News flash ! Everything has gone up !

Thanks to Brandon and Co.


Dang, I need to get out more.

I did buy a T3x 243 a year ago for $579 and tax but it was blued. The stainless lite is a grand now. Or really close to it.