22 cal can used on a 6mm?

I have, since most apertures will accommodate a .243 up from a .224 although it's not recommended. It sounds really really good.

I had same question, I have a SIG SRD556, the opening through the baffles is about .310 @ smallest point. Wanted to build a 6x223 or 6ARC. So I called SIG tech support, response was "No way, only 223, we make other cans", which I'm certain is the CYA response. I understand there are limitations as to pressure & gas volume, so would not try mine with a 22-250 or a 6.5 Creedmore.

.060" over bullet diameter is generally the recommended clearance.

Much less & your concentricity better be spot on.....
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your concentricity better be spot on.....

I talked to SAS about using my 6.5 can on a 270 and he didn't see a problem with it but emphasized the part about thread concentricity.