243 with 8 Twist


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Trying to help someone figure out powders and bullets to try for an 8 twist in .243. He wants it to hunt Whitetail (mainly) and possibly predators (trying to talk him in to going).

The only two 8 Twists that I've messed with were both in the 6mm (108 match bullets) & 6.5 creeds (140 ELD-X).

Any recommendations?

Update: He brought the rifle over and I verified that it is a 1:8T. He found a box of 103gr ELD-X at the LGS and I have H4350 to start with.
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Just worked up a good load for my 243. Hot load of IMR 4350 and a 85 grain Sierra Spitzer. Very accurate in my Tikka 595. With an 8 twist he has lots of options.
My Tikka 243 has the standard 1:10 twist and I have a great load worked up using the Barnes 80 gr TTSX and IMR 4064.
A buddy of mine bought his daughter a 243 a few years ago to use for deer and antelope and I worked up a load for her using the Nosler 90 gr Accubond.
I think for a 1:8 twist, like pyscodog said, you have a lot of options. If your buddy is primarily going to hunt Whitetail deer with the occasional predator, I would recommend staying in that 80-90 gr range.
My preferred twist is 10 because it has less free bore and I never plan on using anything heavier than 87gr and going to try 50's. There is a huge difference between my 10 and his 8. There is not enough room in the mag to even get within .040" of the lands which seems like a waste to me.

Hopefully the 103 likes jump.

What turned out to help someone has turned into a project.

The action is a model 12 and originally in .223 with a blind mag well and has been re-barreled with no markings other than 243 1:8. Whoever installed the barrel didn't headspace correctly and it still has the 223 follower in it and worn-out spring.

The only things right is the bolt face and I ran a camera down the bore and there's very little copper fouling. Got a new Boyds stock coming which I will open up a bit, install pillars, bed it and replace the follower and spring.

It's not the young man's fault as he didn't understand what he bought at a barn auction.
I let him set the headspace with my supervision and will show him how to bed the stock, etc.

He's reading all my reloading manuals and I'm going to work with him on reloading.