6.5 light weight bullet


I have a Savage Axis in 6.5 CM and right now im shooting Hornaday Precision hunter 143 grain factory ammo. Thing shoots great with these rounds.
At this point I dont have a dedicated Predator gun (working on that) but was courious if any of you by chance shoot a similar gun with a lighter weight bullet and what it might be and what are your opinions on it.
90gr TnT's are pretty accurate and devastating on coyotes out of my 6.5G. Your rifle might be throated for heavies so you'll have to give them a try to see if accuracy is up to your expectations. Dropping down to 123's or even 100gr NBT's or Custom Comps might work better for you.
I've thumped a few with the 95gr V-Max - very violent bullet! Expect a fur cloud and red mist floating in the breeze. No exaggeration needed!
Originally Posted By: todbartellI've thumped a few with the 95gr V-Max - very violent bullet! Expect a fur cloud and red mist floating in the breeze. No exaggeration needed!

i love a story with a happy ending. i'm gonna have to give that a try. maybe test out on some groundhogs
Here are my findings:

I have a 260 Rem. It shoots 100g NBTs into a sub-MOA group if I do my part using H414 (four shot group). I bought a bunch of 100g Nosler Partitions from SPS and have had very lack luster results with accuracy. Most groups are 1.2-1.4 MOA. I was really hoping for better from the Partitions. I have easily had both of these bullets up to over 3300 FPS but found a nice accuracy node down around 3220 for the NBT that is plenty fast and will probably be easier on my brass over time.

The best grouping bullet for my gun is the Hornandy 123g SST. I was so excited, but two different techs over at Hornady told me that they designed that bullet for the Grendel and they do NOT recommend it for deer sized game at 260 or 6.5 CM velocities. I have never shot a coyote with it, but would think that it would probably blow quite a hole. I am a hunter and not a paper shooter, but that bullet is one of the most accurate I have ever taken to the range of any caliber. I currently run it around 2910 fps with zero signs of pressure. I could easily get it up closer to the 3000 mark, but the accuracy is so good at 2900 that I stopped.

I recently bought some 100g Barnes TTSX but have not tried them yet.
My Grendel loves the 95 grain V-Max and I have a good load for my 6.5 CM using 130 Game Changers. I think I'm going to try and work up a load with the V-Max for the 6.5 CM and save the 130's for deer.
I worked up three powder charges with a 95 grain V-Max for my 6.5 CM. All three charges shot way way better than expected and better than anything else I had shot in my rifle. Although 130 grain Game Changers shoot very good as well. The 95 grain V-Max should be a coyote's nightmare I hope.
My xbolt predator hunter creedmoor shoots the hornady varmint express 95 gr vmax into very tiny groups at 100, and sighted in dead on, hornady American whitetail shoots 1-1/4" high and dead on left/right into 1/2" groups. I'll shoot plenty of those until I get enough brass to start loading my own.
I've been using 95gr Vmax's over Varget out of my 6.5CM AR10 for several years now. I personally haven't had it ruin any coyotes, but it sure did do a number on a fox last year.
i am a big fan of energy. looking at hornady only charts, the 129g hornady sst has the most energy at the muzzle and downrange for that caliber. i just haven't made any, yet
they also make a 129g psp bullet