A challenge for you defensive handgunners...

This should be interesting...but I'm in.
Ok, I squeaked this in today. It was hot today at 94*. I only had enough time to shoot this one target with my 9mm. I did do a half azz quick warm up run with my little Ruger SR22 .22 LR before my 9mm run. I shot that poorly and it wasn't a confidence booster. I had three line cutters with the M&P 9mm. Not happy about that and felt I should have shot it cleaner. It is what it is, loose focus and you're out of the group. Weak hand is always a struggle. I shot from a holster and shot pretty quick on the double targets. I will shoot it again! It is fun and does sharpen your skills. I want to shoot my Shield and Glock on the drill also. For what it's worth here it is...

Originally Posted By: coleridgeHere is my first attempt. Used what I usually have near; a G21SF, with Wilson Combat barrel. I know this wasn’t supposed to be timed but for the sake of the exercise; I tried to “hurry” through the drills that I felt where supposed to be fast. Got a little too fast on some, likely could have been faster on some too. Definitely learned few things…

#1 a measured 9 feet is CLOSE
#2 Fix the target properly – I was in a hurry and just poked hole with knife at top & hung the cardboard from a a sapling limb. My first dot, every shot shook the tree & was still waving during the next shot. Kind of looks dumb, my slow fire group being about the worst, but alas; I have an excuss
#3 When you’re getting confident & start shooting faster than you should, you get misses (see dot #4 fast transition from 3-4). Started getting wild in the doubletap drill also (6/7), but for some reason the second target there was much better???
#4 I’m about embarrassed how poor my strong hand is from draw…
#5 I’m pretty d@mn good with my week hand
(however, here I did not hurry at all, took plenty of time expecting it to be extra poor). Still, it looks like I need practice grip week hand. My POI is obvious right.
#6 It sucks having to pick up magazines on 9/10
#7 I recommend not doing it in mid 90 degree heat. I about melted. Sweat dripping! Especially after picking up brass (I'm getting old).

Anyway, here is target. There are few double holes that are hard to see but they are there.

If I get a little time I’ll try it again for sure… It was fun & a bit educating.

Probably shouldn't use new priority boxes posted on the internet, they can fine you for that.
I just looked back at my target. I was really focused on dot 10 so as to not screw up right at the end. If I would have been that focused on the other targets I may not have three line cutters. It seems easy enough... until it ain't.
Originally Posted By: woodguru

Probably shouldn't use new priority boxes posted on the internet, they can fine you for that.

For full disclaimer... it was already used... Trying to find re-use/recycle & help out the environment.

I was waiting for some kind of going "postal" comment.
I got out and shot a target at three yards with my Colt Wiley Clapp CCO in .45 ACP this evening. I shot from low ready engaging and disengaging my thumb safety between shots on targets where I was to draw and fire.

Will move back to seven yards on my next run. Mosquitos were becoming a real problem.
That's a good looking target! Good shooting, and thanks for participating.
Originally Posted By: GCThat's a good looking target! Good shooting, and thanks for participating.

Thanks GC.. Thank you for putting this out there. Good reason to dirty up a pistol or two.
Today I thought I'd give it a go from seven yards. I also wanted to try my wife's new 9MM Colt Defender. Just the addition of four yards made it much more difficult to maintain sight alignment against this pistol's factory trigger. It also seemed that doing a speed reload affected my concentration as I tried to continue with speed losing trigger control.

The word is that if you can clean this drill from 10 yards from a holster and under time constraints you're a bonafide pistolaro. I tend to believe that.
Right now I'm in the middle of a fairly good sized remodel project around the house. As soon as I can get time to catch my breath I intend to get my Shield out and see how I manage that little gun.
I think I have some good ole Star .38 special 148 grain wadcutters left over from the revolver days. I may bring out my S&W mod 19 and try it out next.