A challenge for you defensive handgunners...

I'm currently out of .38/.357 bullets to load up. Been meaning to get some ordered. I usually have a decent stockpile of .38 158 gr. SWC loaded.
I need to try this. Not sure if I can do the weak hand, my shields trigger pull is a bit heavy guess I will find out.
That's why we train... figure out our weak areas and work to improve those areas. Weak hand is a trouble area for me.
It is definitely an eye opening drill. I haven't been able to get 100% on it yet. I was doing it at 5 yards though.
It is a really good indicator of where you're weak. Add a couple yards like you did and it makes it considerably tougher.
I'm going to try in the near future. Need to figure out when and which range i'm going to go to this time. It's expensive when you don't have your own range...
Shield 9mm @ 3 lasered yards. The guy I was shooting with insisted on time strings for each stage that he made up as we went along. He was shooting a steel 5" 1911, the time limits put the pressure on my stubby 9mm.
Weak hand got me again, two out.

I'm going to have my entire department shoot this at the next session. We alternate tactical and fundamental at each session. I think this will really wake some of my guys up. Thanks...!!!

This would be a lot of fun. I will pass it on to a Ranger friend.
Last year I talked them in to an old car with dummies.
They had a lot of fun. Good bunch of young men.
I carry fried Chicken and Bud light in after things got put away.
I'll post a new drill that doesn't require the participants to print off a specific target...
Well... A few more good skill drills.

The Super Test...

The Casino Drill...

5X5 Drill...

El Presidente...

FBI Q...

Some of the above drills can use a paper plate for a target, or you can lay a CD disk down and trace around it on a piece of copy paper, or print the targets from linked sources in the description of the video. If you aren't comfortable drawing from concealment or from a holster at first, you should begin from a low ready position. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast, go at your own pace building confidence as you progress. Get a baseline and monitor your progress to track improvements in your training sessions. Set goals!

Be safe and extremely careful! Avoid this... (NSFW)...

You're welcome, those guys do a really good job of describing the drill and explaining the emphasis of the exercise without coming off as macho tactical DB's. The 5X5 Drill is a really easy one to set up. A 5" circle on a piece of copy paper or paper plate is easy to do. There are also ways to use a revolver on a couple of those drills and that makes it easy for all shooters to participate. El Presidente can use paper plates for targets. A couple of other guys that have some good drills are Larry Vickers and Ken Hackathorn.

It would be nice to get some feedback in this thread from participating shooters. When we share our experiences hopefully that can motivate others to do the same.
I've visited this thread a few times. Maybe this will help: this drill is target practice. I'd like to very politely recommend incorporating tactical shooting drills that are designed to save lives.

Reality is most of us have no access to tactical handgun courses. But we can make our own. All we need are a few target stands and simulated barriers. Set up three targets. The farthest should be no more than 15'. Secure your handgun, sprint a hundred yards, engage your targets while hightailing it to simulated barriers, and figure out when a tactical retreat (running the heck outta Dodge) can be deployed.

The vast majority of gunfights occur at 10' and less. They occur in a heartbeat. Situational awareness, tactical awareness, tactical response (getting the heck outta a bad guy's sight picture), muscle memory, instinctive shooting (point shooting), and will to survive will determine outcome.

Target shooting is fun. However, it should never be confused with tactical shooting. They are vastly different concepts.