A challenge for you defensive handgunners...

Ive got a pack of those dot torture targets. They certainly show your weaknesses quickly. Havent done it in a couple years, definitely a little rusty
Shooting in a time of an ammunition shortage such as we are experiencing now it should be more important than ever to make our range time count and maximize our efforts. These skill drills can do that.
Been shooting a little. Paper is necessary but boring, like for load workup at 25 yards. 124 PD JHP V2.

I prefer steel. Forgot to bring a little screwdriver to change adjust my zero for these new loads.
Not sure how I missed this, Dirty Dog that is a solid working rig! I'm a recent convert to the dot sights. So far, so good I really like the optic sight.

On the training side of things, once getting the new pistol with the dot sight I have put about 1400 rounds through it running various drills in the last month or so. Feels good to be shooting centerfire again instead of being in the "save what ammo I have" mode from the past couple of years. I shot a lot of rimfire the last couple years. Because of the ammo situation I milked the centerfire stuff and shot it very conservatively. Things are slowly getting better and I am taking advantage of the availability and lower prices.
364 days after the last post here. My son and I were out yesterday evening shooting drills. I have that new Sig XMacro carry pistol...

I have the EPS Carry dot sight, Streamlight TLR7 Sub light, and a Vedder kydex holster. Working from concealment on this drill...

I like the XMacro. I was shooting that drill clean with totaled times of sub 18 seconds from concealment.
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What series do you like shooting better? They are, or can be configured to nearly identical sizes, weights, grip lengths, capacities, etc.

Glock 43X (SA S15 mags)
Sig P365X
Springfield Hellcat/Pro
I have been on a journey to find that ccw gun that satisfies my needs best. The big requirement is that it has to be a gun I can be comfortable with concealed HOWEVER, most importantly I want a gun I can fight with. I love my five-shot S&W J-frame Airweight snubby. But that isn't a fighting gun. The G19/M&P Compact size guns fight well but are just a little chunky.

Enter the guns you mentioned. Small enough and big enough at the same time. I don't care for the Springfield offering. For whatever reason it just does not resonate with me. I like the 43X. I like the 43X a lot. But I am a little turned off by the need for the SA magazines. And, I have had a couple of those that were not reliable in the 43X I had. I swapped the mag release to the metal version and did what I was supposed to do but two of the seven magazines I had didn't cut it. That always was in the back of my mind and I never felt I could 100% trust the combination.

That leaves the XMacro. With only 700 rounds through it in the month or so I have owned it the only real criticism I have is the slide catch is too small. If you're the slingshot the slide kinda guy it probably isn't too big of a deal. I prefer to hit that with a thumb. I will be swapping that out for a slightly extended version. The XMacro has been 100% reliable. It is also accurate. Resting my arms over my shooting bag I was able to hit a gallon milk jug pretty consistently at a lasered 124 yards. So for me at this time 365 gets my vote. Plus the Sig P365 is like a LEGO pistol for big kids. Lots of aftermarket support. And that is always fun!