A challenge for you defensive handgunners...

Ive got a pack of those dot torture targets. They certainly show your weaknesses quickly. Havent done it in a couple years, definitely a little rusty
Shooting in a time of an ammunition shortage such as we are experiencing now it should be more important than ever to make our range time count and maximize our efforts. These skill drills can do that.
Been shooting a little. Paper is necessary but boring, like for load workup at 25 yards. 124 PD JHP V2.

I prefer steel. Forgot to bring a little screwdriver to change adjust my zero for these new loads.
Not sure how I missed this, Dirty Dog that is a solid working rig! I'm a recent convert to the dot sights. So far, so good I really like the optic sight.

On the training side of things, once getting the new pistol with the dot sight I have put about 1400 rounds through it running various drills in the last month or so. Feels good to be shooting centerfire again instead of being in the "save what ammo I have" mode from the past couple of years. I shot a lot of rimfire the last couple years. Because of the ammo situation I milked the centerfire stuff and shot it very conservatively. Things are slowly getting better and I am taking advantage of the availability and lower prices.