A good couple nights


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After missing (at least not recovering) the first 6 I shot at this year I am now batting .500. Got 4 more this week but only got 2 on video.
Monday night my first, third, and forth sets were busts but the second was a goodun. Killed the first at just under 4min to a rabbit. He dies right where he gets out of view in the vid.
I stay in set and a little before 20min put out 3 howls and get a pair/group reply several hundred yds in front of me over the ridge. I wait a couple, then turn on a fight followed by pup distress both playing loud because of how far this reply was. A few minutes later I see them running out of the hollow where the first one had died and I muted the call. They stopped and smelled around the scent trail the other had left so I hit the call again at a lower volume and the came a little closer and I shot the male. As it spun and twirled down the steep bank the female kept up with him. When I shot her, he TOOK OFF like nothing was wrong!!! Remote said 28min.. Those 2 are not on this vid as it was "corrupted", whatever that means. I went back 2 days later and found him. He was about 175-200 up the hollow in a blowdown and I stopped looking at about 150.
The next night I got out was Weds.. Was exhausted at dusk (Lymes sucks) so told Suz I was staying home. We watched tv and started to bed at 11:30. I was feeling like I should go for a few hours and was not near as tired so went. Third set was the charm.
Had the call straight in front of me about 70-80yds up hill. My view to the right is very limited because of topography so was hoping anything responding would show to the front 135 degrees. Started with rabbit for 7-8 min then silence for a couple. A couple of howls and some bird next. After a couple min of silence I hit a pair howl and was scanning in silence. Over my right shoulder I catch a glimpse of white so get in the gun and hit record. Vid tells the rest. About 70-80yds and 24min..

I am going to have to remember that "corrupted file" excuse whenever I forget to hit record. I just used the ole "my scope has an issue" one so I need a new excuse lolololol. Glad to see some deads from your resent sets. Well done.