A good week even with a bright moon


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Last Saturday I had a partner for the 1st and only time in several years. The young fellow (yep, I can call 49 young) who was with me when I killed my first 2 coyotes (2:30pm on a clear Jan day in 2012 in the same set) decided to go. He is equipped "hybrid" scanning with my old r35 hogster and a gun light.
We were setting up for the 3rd set of the night on a new ridge when they lit up several hundred yards to our left. I gathered up the call, my seat, etc., and "Cliff". We moved about 400yds then reset. I blew on the rabbit for about 5-10 seconds when Cliff said that he sees one coming. A few seconds later I see 1 then 2 then 3 running in about 200yds out (these weren't where he saw his and that one never did reappear after passing by a shed.)
They never slowed and I hit baby cottontail to play.
I said "are you gonna shoot" and he said "can't see them". Same conversation again-no light came on. I finally got the lead one to stop about 70 yds hard downhill and shot but it didn't react as hit and in 5 ft. was out of sight. Even after the shot a second came running straight at us to within 10ft of the call which was 25yds away. Could not get it to stop and it ran past us and out of sight until it was around 300yds away.
We could not find the one I shot. I kept playing it in my head Sunday and knew it was a good shot so went looking Monday--found it about 60 yds into the woods, it had went 80-100yds with its chest blown apart and a broken leg. Big female.

Went again Monday and no action seen or heard.
Tuesday, this vid was at about 9 minutes. You might be able to see my tracks where it stopped and retreated. Got her stopped at 180.

Went to the next farm and got this male.
Wind coming rt to left and it showed up coming through the woods on my left in about 4 minutes after some rabbit squeals. Think it got a little "stink" and de-committed. Got him stopped at 215yds.

On the next set I had one come in from my blind side, cut my tracks to the call, and left without being seen-dang it.

Thursday, I went again and killed this male on my 3rd set in 15mph winds. This is a long video but thought I would let you "open- landers" and "flat-landers" see what us hill country, mixed woods, pastures, and hayfield guys contend with. tehe
1st seen about 250-300yds at 25min and killed at 50yds 6 min later.

I kept rocking back and forth with vole squeaks and Boss pred "pup hammer"(which they showed up to) at low volume when I saw them until the shot. Neat how the back one rocked his head side to side when I first changed to vole.
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Love it when they fall over backwards like the last one you shot. Nice job and thanks for sharing your hunts.
I always hate letting coyotes go behind hills and brush lines like in the third video. My success isn't great after losing sight of them.

Well played!

That was some tough hunting, especially in the last video. I have similar vegetation here. Makes it difficult. Good shot on that last one.