Alan Dershowitz is still stunned by the Trump verdict, a week later.

Interesting that the judge wrote Trump to say that verdict was exposed by a (supposed) relative of a juror before the actual verdict. Allows a mistrial or easy appeal. IMHO, planned. Allows any consequences for the clown trial to be overlooked, tossing the blame on a juror. Bragg won't testify to Congress until after the 11th punishment phase.
edit: Also interesting that the judge stated it was the defendant's legal team that has the responsibility to verify(prove) any jury tampering. Guess it's the same as the WH not required to find who left the cocaine there. Or who released the SCOTUS Roe decision before the court did.
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Convictions are easy, when the constitutional protections for citizens are ignored by BOTH the prosecutor and judge. After all NOTHING happens to them only the defendant(money and time). If prosecutors/judges were jailed/fired for failing to strictly follow the bill of rights(their oath of office) a two tier justice system would not be possible.
President Trump is opposed to getting us into WWIII. The establishment can't have that.

Dollars to donuts the current regime get's us into WWIII as an excuse in order to institute a draft to get as many Conservative American men out of the country as possible while our borders are being invaded here at home.
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