Another Double Buck Day


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Well today is the second day of antlerless deer season... I was after some doe I had seen yesterday, but due to the backdrop being a busy I-75, I passed and set up a better ground blind location.

Well, at about 5:25 I just happened to look back over my left shoulder at the main road and the access road my truck was parked on... I saw a brown spot and it was moving my way... at about 700 yards. I looked through my range finder and it was a buck.

I grabbed my tripod with rifle still mounted and started across the hay field using a couple small oak clumps to mask my movement. The buck came around the left side of the last clump and I had to stop at the next to the last. I started to worry of he kept going left I-75 would be between he and I and I would not be able to shoot... but wait,,, there's more... 100 yards behind him is another buck following him I had not seen. So now I had two buck to my front.

I got a good steady position using the tripod. The closest buck stopped, I figured he was close to 100 yards and it was now or never. I shot and he dropped like a rock. The other buck took a few steps and stopped... looking at the downed buck. He turned broadside and I figured he was about to light the burners so I got a good sight picture and dropped him in his tracks as well.

Turns out the first buck was quite small but on this particular property butts up against a really nice limited hunt management area so there are plenty of deer... all legal bucks are good to go. Honestly I was so "into" the cat and mouse game of getting into position I really didn't size him up, I would have taken him anyway so what the heck. I also forgot to turn my video on... DANG IT!

The closest buck was 109 yards and the second was 197 yards as measured by my laser range finder. I used my 6.8 SPC with 120gr SST hand loads.

During muzzle loader season I got a 7-pt and 8-pt opening day on the same property.

I'm tired... both are skinned, quartered, and on ice... time for a few beers.