Another hog bites the dust (X2!)


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The last few weeks the hogs have taken over feeders. I have pretty much stopped getting any pictures of deer since they moved in.


I shot this one Monday morning. My son shot one at my other feeder, but not sure of the hit since it ran off. I gut shot another as they scattered from his shot, but didn't find that one either.


This one was shot behind they eye and dropped. But when I got back with the truck, he was gone. I heard him in the brush and was able to get anther shot. I looks like it was quarering more than I realized (about a 100 yard shot) and it with went in behind the eye and came out the the eye.

They are diffinately tough.
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The bigger they are, the harder they fall. This big boar never took a step. Wacked him this morning just after day light.

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That's a big sob. I know they are wrecking the land down there, but it must be fun to just go hunt them whenever you want.