Another kid attacked by a lion

I am from up in stevens county. I remember that happening and several others growing up. We had a you d cat come through our camp last year and the game department came and dispatched it.
This is what I do to the [revised to pesky] cats, was trying to sneak in and eat me.....

And for those who don't think a 50 grn vmax will get it done, they're mistaken.

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Great cat! I know of one who died with a 53vmax as well this past fall!!
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Great cat man! Well done. Did you weight it? Looks to be in pretty good shape. I'd love to see a full writeup/story on that!

A request though please, let's keep language family friendly.
Congrats. 223 is more than enough for lions.. I've seen my share taken with a single shot with a 22 mag..

We treed and freed another Tom saturday.. favorite time of year.