Another Quick Hunt


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After a really good night coyote hunting last night, I figured I try a different area pending the come-and-go rain we were having. On the way to my spot I saw some hogs about 400 yards away feeding just a few yards into the cow pasture. There just so happened to be an old trail that paralleled the tree line so I parked and started my walk.

I got right up on several and with the rain and wet ground I was quiet as a church mouse. I shot one and the others kind of ran a couple steps and stopped. The .300 BO with 190 Sub-X and loads is really quiet. I moved a little and ended up killing five in total.

After I got set up an old scared up boar, obviously caught, cut, and released some years back, came out and I shot him at about 125 yards. The rain started to move in so my night was cut short.