Any Banish 30 users?


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Yesterday, I threaded my baffle removal tool into my Banish 30. I forgot to put the 30 cal. brass plug on the removal tool. I threaded the 3/8” rod into one baffle. It was hard to get off and I was worried.

Low & behold, the baffle had zero signs of wear, marring, or damage. It was completely fine. The 3/8 rod had about 1” of the threads sheared off. I was shocked but happy that the titanium baffles are so strong.

Everything went back together just fine minus the baffle removal tool rod. I think I need a new one.

Anyone do this before?

Have'nt done that before, but I clean it every 75 to 100 rds. Great suppressor. no issues. I made a baffle cleaning tube out of pvc, fill with Hoppes Elite let the baffles soak a bit wipe down reasemble. Works great.