Any love for the 308

Originally Posted By: SnowmanMoOriginally Posted By: hm1996What bullets are you shooting, Mo? I've used 110 Varmageddons and 125 gr. NBT and looks like your load is easier on fur than mine. Fur no good down here, so not a problem for me, just curious.


I run Hornady factory whitetail ammo with 150gr sp’s. They group well, drop coyotes and don’t do too bad on fur. I’ve also had luck with the Barnes Tac Tx and TTSX for when I venture into Commiefornia. The Barnes fly extremely well.

Thanks, Mo. Years ago I found Hornady 150 & 180 gr. Spire Points to be the only bullet other than a NP that would hold together from my 308 Norma or 300 WM. I had forgotten that and may try again to get my BAR to shoot a 150 around MOA. So far only thing it shoots well is the 110 VG.

I gave up a long time ago on the TX and TTX. I must be doing something wrong but they just will not shoot in any of my rifles.

It's funny, I hunted primarily with a .30-06 for ~18 years. I then I decided I wanted less recoil so I moved down to the .24 and .26 calibers. They are a pleasure to shoot. I hunted with them for ~15 years. 2 years ago, I started hunting with the .308 and wondered why I left the .30 cals. The .30s put game down better in my opinion. I can hear it now....It's all about shot placement.

I shot a .308 in F/TR for a few years. It's a good round. After a 3 relay course of fire, it wears me out. That's where the small calibers shine.
I've never hunted anything with the 308 but like to shoot steel and load it. Recently have started using a LR-308 just to see how it worked. It's been fun and accurate.

I forgot to mention in my previous post that I used a .308 (PH’s gun) in Namibia to take a very nice Warthog and Springbuck. I don’t know specifically what bullets the guide had, but they were apparently pretty tough constructed. Had the appearance of a very small hollow point.



A friend of mine gave me a Remington 660 in .308 about 30 years ago. I've taken a couple of truck loads of deer with it. One of my favorite rounds.

Another I forgot about.....

When I first started shooting Hunter Benchrest, it was with a regular 308.

Once I wore that 1st barrel out, I switched over to a 30x47, which is a 4mm shorter 308.

The .308 Win is one of my favorite cartridges. I had a Remington 788 in .308 win that printed clover leaf groups. I don't know why I sold it, but I did and have hated that decision ever since. I've had for years a HK 770 and Winchester 100 carbine in .308. I've kill plenty of deer with both rifles. The Win 100 is my most favorite deer rifle. For a sixty year old rifle it shoots 1.5" to 2" groups which is fine for deer in WI woods. I shoot Speer 165gr Mag tips out of both rifles. This week I just received an AR-10 in .308 win. I could have gotten it in 6.5 Creed but stuck with the .308 Winnie. Haven't shot the AR-10 yet, but I'm looking forward to it.
Quote: This week I just received an AR-10 in .308 win. I could have gotten it in 6.5 Creed but stuck with the .308 Winnie. Haven't shot the AR-10 yet, but I'm looking forward to it

I looked for quite a while for a .308 Mod 100 before giving up and going with a BAR.

Can't wait to see the AR10 wearing some of your beautiful wood furniture.

.308 has always been my go to round for deer and several coyotes. My current favorite is a. Christensen Ridgeline 20”. Also have a Model 70 Featherweight that sees occasional action, it has a nice walnut stock, so trying to keep it pristine. I’ve had quite a few others over the years as well. I just like the cartridge and it has been effective for me.
.308 will always have the love.
The trend these days is to drive the long heavies faster than the .308 can, so it has fallen out of favor somewhat.

Will I ever own one ?
Probably not.
6.5 Manbun fills that niche for me.
.308 has been my standby since 1976 when I got my first one, a Belgium Browning BLR. Still have that one. Many since, currently a Bergara B-14 with an Athlon 2.5-15x, the BLR, and a Ruger flatbolt with a 3.5-10x Leupold. The BLR wears a 1.5-5x Leupold. There's also a project rifle out in the shop - a Remington 660 .308 that's getting a stock makeover.
150 and 165 grain Partition Noslers are my favorite bullets, over Reloder 15 powder.

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Rem 700 V in a HS stock and a Win. Mod. 88 with it's original Weaver 4x scope.

The 88 was my great uncles, so I don't have the heart to change it. He Deer hunted with it in Abilene Texas, before moving back to Iowa in later years. WW II, 3rd ID Vet.
I have a couple of 308's
F-TR 200.20X at 2620 fps

At the F-Class Nats/World a number of years ago


155 grain A-Max's at 2555 fps
At 500 yards when doing drop confirmation (10" steel)

A friend using it at WY-SHOT

Blaser HHS
I was drafted and all tha AR's were in Nam so I trained with the M14, loved it shot well,mild recoil, heavy as [beeep]. When I got home bought a new model 70 Mannlicher in 308, still have it also a pre 64 model 70 Featherweight 308 and a pre 64 model 100 in 308. Yes I still like it but also like 3006win and 7x57 and 243.