Any VT Wardens?


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Was wondering what the regs on shooting coyotes at night with a light are in Vermont. The Hunting Regulations Handbook has little or no guidance on the subject of Coyote hunting

This is all I see in the book:

Lights/Laser Sights

It is illegal to intentionally throw or cast the rays of a spotlight, jack, or other artificial light on any highway, or any field, woodland, or forest, in order to spot, locate, take, or attempt to spot, locate or take any wild animal.

A light may be used to illuminate and shoot a raccoon once treed by a dog, or dogs, during the raccoon hunting season. A light may also be used to illuminate a raccoon once treed by a dog, or dogs, during the training season.

Laser sights are illegal for hunting.
I would say that is a big "NO" on any artificial light system, be it flashlighs or lighted reticle, night scopes etc. might have to call a warden to find out for sure but that's my guess. My state is the same way and has a similar set of regs. natural light only.