Anyone have a Hornady load book for load data?


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My books don't list the max load for my components. I interpolated a max and have stayed below it, but would like a published max load.

Details are as follows:
52gr Hornady match bthp
Benchmark powder

Hodgdon Lists 26.5gr of benchmark for a 50gr bullet and 25.6gr of benchmark for a 55gr bullet.

I'm thinking 26.1gr for max charge with a 52gr Hornady?

Can anyone help out?

25.8gr shot amazing through my rifle. No bolt stick or primer flowing. The brass isn't full of powder. That doesn't really mean anything, but I thought it would run a bit higher.
I have loaded them over 26gr of Benchmark with 92gr brass and no obvious pressure signs. Tell me your barrel length and brass type (weight if possible) and I'll run it through QuickLoad and give your their approximations.
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