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Hey coyote killer thanks for the support about the snowmobile hunting deal. I didn't know that all caps ment that i was yelling thanks.
Man you guys oughta be puttin up that fur, Heavy westerns are way up this year! $30-$60. check the N.A.F.A feb sell report.
coyote buster--when you say, we run up on them and shoot them with a shotgun. do you mean you run the snowmobile track on top of them to hold them down and then shotgun them? If you do that, why waste the shotgun shell? Why don't you take a baseball bat and bean them???

Snowmobiling coyotes is not my style. I realize it is legal and all where you are, but I would much rather call them in.
If they need to be controlled for lixestock and other animals sake then why don't you go head to head with them and see who comes out on top. In my books running them down with sleds takes all the sport out of it. If your doing it just to keep the population down then let someone come in and call them! I have seen people try to chase a fox before and i would put my calling abilities and a partners for the day up against two sleds any time of the year, as far as "controlling" them
Just my two cents, someone took chase to a coyote that was coming to my call one time and if i would have caught the SOB i would have put a 22-250 shell right threw the engine on that pretty little maching of his.
Hey guys when i say we run up on them i mean that we run up behind them or be side them not on top of them!!!!! Whoever it was that said that they watched a person chase a fox that isnt like chasing a coyote foxes duck and dive alot more than coyotes. Yes we are skining and selling the furs we don't just hunt from the machines we trap and call and also the snowmobiling must just be a young mans thing i'm only 16 my dad would rather call one in. Whoever it was that said that it wasn't a hunt thats not true it is a hunt it isn't as easy as it sounds. We have to hunt alot to control them on tha ranch it's 100,000 acers. we run 1000 head of cows and 800 head of sheep so we have to keep them trimed down a bit.
nd coyote killer--come on don't hold back, let loose and go ahead and tell us how you really feel about running down those coyotes with a snowmobile!!!

How have you been doing in the coyote calling contests? I suppose you are studying hard for your mid-term tests now???? Good luck.
I'm very confident you dont want to get NDKC started on people snowmobiling coyotes down. I was with one time when we spotted a fox only to see it being chased by some jerk on a 4 wheeler. He was upset! Oh yeah, chasing them on snowmobiles isnt sport, i dont care how hard it is. Go buy some calls and learn some tips from the guys on the board about how to call them in. You might find out that its 20 times more fun than the idea you are using right now.
Silverfox the tournaments went alright this year no wins but some decent payouts. Studing for midterms is correct /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif Got out on sunday around here and smacked three all of them were paired up. The weekend of the March 15 i will be out closer to your area had a rancher call me and ask for some help before calving season goes into full blast. He has had some problems in the past. Then that will be it for me.
I agree with Snowbound you don't want to get me started on snowmobiling coyotes i'll just keep it civil. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
Out of respect for the moderators of this forum and the responders to the subject matter I respectfully pull my previous comments. I very possibly went way over board on this issue ..............
Michael, agree or not with the sno go and the coyote deal is one thing. I for one would have to see the ranchers situation before makeing judgement. But to assume they are drunk and all is IMO just wrong. I wonder if any of us were ever 16. To far back for me to remember. Not trying to tick anyone off but if they are not breaking the law, and not wasteing the fur and there is a predator problem then judgement is not mime to pass.

God Bless America

PS: I heard at the trappers meeting last night that WY just opened/or will soon a wolf season.
Out of respect for the moderators of this forum and the responders to the subject matter I respectfully pull my previous comments. I very possibly went way over board on this issue ..............
Michael J McCasland. What you just did takes a hell of a lot of character for one to do. You show a great deal of respect for this site as well as the people that come here. My hat is off to you buddy..

Something that you guys need to know about Michael. He is one dedicated sportsman. He is also a fine gentleman. This subject does strike a nerve with him just as each of us have nerves that get struck about other "things". We call them "Pet Peaves". He is very interested in the integrity of the board and the image that we set forth to the all seeing public eye as well as beginners and newbies as to the subjects we talk about.

This particular subject is to say the least extremeley controversial. It has been approached in other forums and got extremely heated and even resulted in some lashing out from member to member.

Please take the time to consider this and let's try to put this thing to sleep for the good of the board as well as our image. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif .... Thanks>>>>. James L.
I have to echo what James Lindley says. I have a great deal of respect for Michael, his ethics and his efforts to promote predator hunting.

This subject always generates a lot of emotional posting. Different methods are legal, accepted and used in different places.

We at PM try to promote predator hunting through, legal, and ethical, means with the concept of fair chase. Our quarry should be given the respect any game animal is given.

Unfortunately the coyote enjoys dual status. He is a worthy and challenging game animal who earns our respect everytime we hunt., by beating us or by presenting us with a real challenge. On that basis we give the coyote his due.

He is also a predator and sometimes his activities conflict with ranchers,pet owners etc. Then he is a pest that needs to be eradicated.

Let's not confuse these two things. The methods of dealing with a pest have nothing to do with hunting or fair chase.

This board is about hunting. We come here to learn and to share our successes and failures. If we are to continue our interest,we had better try to show each other a better way to hunt instead of just running the other guy down. We have people outside our circle doing that full time,
every day.

So Coyote Buster,someone suggested getting off the sled and calling. It's good advice and a lot of fun.

You've told us you're sled is faster than a coyote,now show us you can outsmart him. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif
Hey guys sorry that i caused such a ruckas about the snowmobiling deal. I would like you all to know that we are never drunk when we chase them with sleds though. I already do a great deal of calling but when i amfeeling wild i drag out the sleds so like i said sorry about causeing problems and i dont want to bash heads with anyone else over this ok.
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