Anyone know K.Y. law


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Anyone know what the law's are in k.y on crafts made from wild animals want to get into it to put parts from trapping to use but I keep getting different answers depend on who I talk to
So far it seems that if the part's are used to manufacture products it OK just can't seem to find if things like necklace and earrings from claws and bones or deer sheds made into them or made into buttons knife handles and lamps would be seen as manufacturer
I called Frankfort a few years ago, I was going to put some necklace and earring sets together from antler tips ,they said the necklace and earrings with tip is not manufacturing .I asked about using a crown for a knife handle they said that's manufacturing .I guess take it for what it's worth.I don't make much anymore due to health reasons anyway,a word of advice get a good respirator working with horn and bone