AR'd a pasture plow


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177 pound boar that along with some others has been wrecking havoc on a hay pasture.


About 20 yards right between the eyes at 5:15 am this morning.
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Went back this morning to the same place and got this 142 pound sow in the same place about the same time.

I walked in just like before and using the xlr-100 I could see them out about 100 yards. I slipped a few yards closer, turned out the light to get my tripod sticks set up and when I turned the xlr-250 on they were moving away.

Then I could see there were about 15 hogs, but now they were about 150-170 yards away. I was afraid they were fixing to hit the woods, so I was trying to pick one out. They were all black shapes until I saw this one moving from left to right about 160 yards out. I usually go for a head or neck, shot, but do to the range I tried to get it behind the shoulder.

At the shot they started running for the woods that were only about 40 yards away. It was 5:20 am and I was on my way to the deer lease for some deer hunting so, I decided to come back after the deer hunt to see if I could find it. It was about 32 degrees this morning.

By about 9:15 my feet were cold, so I decided to head back home and see if I could find the hog. I walked through the field to about where I thought they entered the woods but didn't see any blood yet. Then as I got to the fence, a buzzard flew out of a tree. I looked down and sure enough blood. I crossed the fence and there she was about 15 yards in the woods. She had ran about 40-50 yards.


This one will be pan sausage in a day or two.
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The herd is getting smaller in both number and size. I didn't need the kill light this morning because the moon was full and no clouds so I could see them in the scope without the light.

Got this 92 pound sow at around 80 yards. Dropped in her tracks.


More sausage meat.
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Took my new 25-06 to the deer lease this evening. This was first blood for the new rifle.


I guess I will be making sausage tomorrow evening.
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Well, this evening it was time to turn them into sausage.

I sliced the back straps for frying chops and a few test peices sure were good. Kept a couple of small roast for my wife to cook in the crockpot and the rest went to pan sausage. I ended up with 65 pounds of sausage.

Once the meat is all boned out, I mix in the REO Old Fashioned #8 seasoning.


Then it goes through the grinder for first time with the chili plate.


Then I change to the smaller plate, add the funnel and run it into storage bags.


Then all you have to do is stack in the freezer until ready to eat. I also carried some to the landowner where I have been killing the hogs.

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Our pigs and Deer are always so lean we add commercial fat. Did you add fat? That looks really good. Congratulations and keep it going.
I get the beef fat trimming from the grocery store when I can to add to me deer burger, about 15%. A lot of the butchers here at the local grocery stores do deer processing on the side, so it gets hard to get free beef trimmings during the middle part of deer season as they get most of it. Then I have to buy it from the meat market for $1.99/pound.

I don't add any fat to the pork normally, and did not this time. One of these sows had a pretty good bit of fat.


But, I have found there to be a big difference in the the was fat of feral hogs taste and domestic. I am sure it is because of what they are eating.

I like the crispy fat on a good store bought pork chop. The fat on these feral hogs when cooked does not taste that good and does not get crispy like domestic. Don't seem to notice in the sausgage.
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Those are gorgeous guns. When i was working at the gun shop we ordered in a CDL in 25-06 for a was amazing.