Are there delays getting new members signed up?


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Gents: Is Predator Masters having trouble getting new members signed up? A fellow predator hunter in Minnesota registered about a week ago and has not heard from anyone about a password.
The only delay, really... is the amount of time it takes me to sleep at night /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif , and then again the time at at work durring the day.

All NEW registrants need to be approved before they are allowed to post. I scan them and empty the waiting list in the morning and then again when I get home from work, and then again once more late at night. There's never a long wait.

Now...If you say you know someone that registered and never heard back from us, theres a 100% chance that the e-mail address he provided is either wrong, null, or phoney. I've had three or four in the last month that came back refused by the members mail client.

Shoot me a PM with your friends e-mail address that he used to register and I'll check into it. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif
It was me. I got my password now. It took a while to get it but I was so excited to join, it felt like forever. I'm not placing blame. Just glad to be a member.
Thank you FlyingV for going out of your way to help. I owe you a coyote hunt. Send a pm if interested. this is a sincere offer.
/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smiliesmack.gifIt took me a while to sign up, I sent a few e-mails trying to find out why no one would respond, I guess you can imagine how stupid I felt when I finally checked my blocked messages. Though my spam blocker didn't know these guys, they had indeed responded promptly every time.If your having problems with this, try to be smarter than I was. Heck that shouldn't be too difficult. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused1.gif
Don't feel bad mobowhtr. It happens to 3 outta 5 members.
With all the chaos that's floating around the internet, you have to protect yourself.
Unfortunately the password e-mails that get sent out come from an automated system which uses my e-mail address. It's not really from me, it's from a robot and that's exactly what a lot of spam guard software watches for as it throws it out.
It only took me about 10 minutes to get signed up and running. Thanks for not making me wait too much. I had a great day hunting coyote, and really needed to let everyone know about it.. or at least someone.
HI RiverRunner
I was very impressed by the response of this fellow
55-kill-pill,that i just have to say,that he is proof that a little Kindness goes a long way..

You went out of your way,and Your KINDNESS was Rewarded.
we need more of this kind of friendship in this world of ours.
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Hi, I'm David and I'm new here. Yes, I had trouble registering. I used an address that I've had for at least 5 years from my own dot com domain.

I'm happy to have finally gotten registered. Looks like you have a ton of good info.

It's not an automatic process. One of the admin goes in an manually approves each member, and it sometimes takes a little time.

It could be set to be automatic, but when we've tried that in the past we've gotten a LOT more trouble from PETA types etc down the road.
I for one am glad a mod has to go in a pick and choose. Gives of some sort of protection over PETA, and others like them.