ATF Form 4 Wait Times.


Alright fellas, last year I put 12 cans into a Revocable Trust.
The wait was as follows...

All dated 4-11-2014 out of my office.
All Stamped 10-23-2014 out of the ATF's office.

My latest Form 4 (not a Trust) to get approved was a customer.
Dated 4-24-2014 out of my office.
Stamped 2-18-2015 from the ATF

It is however speeding up!
Post your lag time.
Form 4 date : Stamp signed date

9/4 : 12/17, or only 3.5 months

11/1 : 2/4, or only 3 months

Dealer contact time was about a week or so after the stamp date.

Revocable trust as well.

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The last 2 I got back for my trust:

Check cashed--Stamp to dealer
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Been awhile since I posted just got 2 223 suppressors
Here is my form 4 trust time frame.
Forms received sept. 24 checks cashed sept 26 pending date sept. 26
Approved Jan. 4 stamps to dealer Jan14 pickup Jan 17
Originally Posted By: blopez50The last 2 I got back for my trust:

Check cashed--Stamp to dealer

Someday before you head north I need to pick your brain on the trust thingie... Sooner or later I'm gonna have to see what this hunting suprressed thing is all about.
TBAC 30-P1
I mailed my form 4 on 11/17/2014
Check cashed by ATF 11/25/2014
Silencer approved 02/16/2015
Silencer in hand - 2/23/2015

Wait times have improved over the last few months. If you're gonna take the plunge I'd go for it now. Just a tip if you're in a rush. Find a dealer that has what you want in stock and avoid the additional wait times for the form 3 transfers to get approved (about 45 days). Also, research your dealer thoroughly.


Florida just legalized suppressors for game species and I was told we are at 9 months now in my area.
Bought one in October of '14 on a form 4 trust. Check was cashed on the 26th of October... Stamp got approved on Feb 6th of '15. So just shy of 4 months. Stamp arrived within a week of it being approved.
I am waiting on my 4th. Trust paper style.

Check was sent on jan 5th/check was cashed jan 9th.


My others took exactly 12 months to get. My dealer messed up on the paper work and got it sent back at about 8 months, then 4 more months to get the stamps.
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I'm thinking my paperwork went in around May and stamp arrived end of November. Seemed like it was right about the time I started to wonder about its status.

Dealer that I picked it up at said that he was still waiting on submissions sent prior to mine. I used a trust to help speed up the process, and it was sent via snailmail.
I just sent 3 form 4's off for suppressors form some customers this morning, 3/3/15. I will update when they come back
Took 10 months for me to get my first one in my trust. Dealer just got my second can today from SilencerCo, took about a month. Now for the next wait.
My first suppressor was purchased with me as the owner and I had to get my LEO to sign off and do the fingerprint stuff. I decided to create a trust for my next suppressor purchase.

I mailed in my ATF forms and 2 copies of my trust document on 2/20/2015.

Documents arrived at the ATF on 2/28/2015
Check was cashed by ATF on 3/3/2015

Now the "sit and wait" routine. I'm only purchasing one suppressor to start with, but I think there will be more purchased in the future.
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Purchased 9-17-14 from Silencer Shop (Snipers Hide Group Buy)
Ohio Trust
SOT received 1st week of December
Check Cashed DEC 12, 2014
Stamp in hand March 10, 15