ATF Form 4 Wait Times.

Just updated mine. Check cased on the 9th of jan and tax stamp in my dealers hands 4/21

Just over 3 months! Sure the heck beats a year like my last 3!
Well I was expecting the call to pick up my first suppressor any day now, but on the 13th of this month it went in to problem pending status. There was a issue with the Form 3 transfer to my dealer. I was told it could take another 60 days to resolve.

Edit: Just got word that mine was approved on 4-23-15.
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Originally Posted By: skinneyTrust is right at 3 months.

That's good to hear. I have two in trust right now. Hopefully it is clean and the 3 months holds consistent.
Mines super slow:
1. NFA Item: AAC .308 multi cal suppressor
2. Form Type: Form 4
3. Transferee Type: Individual
4. Form 4 Sent: 12/04/2014
5. Delivered: 12/08/14
6. Check Cashed: 12/09/14
7. Pending Date: ?
8. Approved Date: ?
9. Form 4 Received: ?
10. Picked up from Dealer: ?
11. Examiner Name: ?

Maybe I'll call today
Form 4 sent with trust Feb 13
Check cashed Feb 23
Called May 8 told the store put the wrong serial number on the form. They are sending it back to them. The store did that to another a friend bought the same day. Looks like it will be delayed a while.
Originally Posted By: AzDiamondHeatWhat is the number to call to check on these? If already posted I apologize.


Make sure you have the serial number.
One in check cashed on 4/10. One going in the mail today.

They say that it takes about 6-8 weeks from the check cash date until it is "in their system", which I assume to mean "pending".