ATF Form 4 Wait Times.

I'm getting a little frustrated. Paperwork was mailed in 12/3 and Still nothing. I've been told its because we didn't file the paperwork online. Anyone have more info on the subject?
I was under the impression that the online forms were not available at the moment, my class 3 dealer told me that often the biggest hang up is how well the trust for is worded.
I mailed in my ATF forms and 2 copies of my trust document on 2/20/2015.

Documents arrived at the ATF on 2/28/2015
Check was cashed by ATF on 3/3/2015

I called ATF on Tuesday, June 2, 2015, and gave them the serial number of my suppressor and my name along with the name of my trust. The lady that answered the phone said my application was pending and that due to the overwhelming number of applications the wait time for approval is 4 to 6 months!!!! Sooooo--it appears it will be anywhere from the first part of July to the first part of September before I get my suppressor. I was hoping I would have the suppressor in hand by the first part of this month.
Originally Posted By: nightcallerWhat a stupid comment. Your comment is void of information. Thanks for adding nothing to the conversation. Chill lady, don't get ur reinforced cotton crotch panties in a wad. Non trust forms take a bit longer.
Let me clarify my post for Fred and his rude comment. My question has nothing to do with trusts.

Does anyone have any info regarding timing of paperwork filed online vs mailed for an individual application?
When the online system was working. Form 4's filed online seemed to get processed quicker than those mailed in. I mailed in a form 4 (trust) at the beginning of 2014 and it took 10 months. A friend of mine used a dealer that filed electronically (trust) in mid 2014 and his wait was 6 months. It also seems that wait times for individual vs trusts are a little bit longer as well.

Try the silencer shop wait times page to see where you stand.
I love this forum. I had a Form 4 question and the search worked like a charm. Looks like an average stamp time is 4 months. On the Trust side does most of you add your guns like adding the suppressor to the Trust? Ralphie
I finally received my suppressor!!!

The ATF received my trust documents and ATF forms on February 28, 2015.
My check was cashed on March 3, 2015
The tax stamp and Form 4 were signed and dated June 16, 2015
My dealer received the approved paper work on July 2, 2015
I had the suppressor in my hands on Monday, July 6, 2015

It was a long process and the waiting was hard, but the new suppressor was worth the wait!!!
You can put other items in your trust other than NFA items. Given the current situation in Colorado limiting magazines with more than a 15 round capacity, many of us with trusts have put our non-compliant magazines into the trusts. It helps with the same reason that we put the NAFA items into the trust. I have also put several firearms that have a risk of seeing higher regulation in the trust.
So I found out some interesting info today. The PO box you send your check and form 4 into...It is a bank. Your request gets processed by a bank then once your check cashes, its forwarded on to the BATFE for processing. So much for careful handling of your information.
Originally Posted By: AllstarTook 10 months for me to get my first one in my trust. Dealer just got my second can today from SilencerCo, took about a month. Now for the next wait. Got my Harvestor stamp yesterday, so it took around 5 months from SilencerCo to dealer to me..
Form 4 Trust
Silencerco Harvester 30
Paperwork mailed - 7/24/15
Check cashed - 7/31/15
Pending - 7/31/15
Approved - 12/1/15
Stamp received - 12/7/15
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