ATF Form 4 Wait Times.

Got my Approval email on the 26th of Jun, after 187 day wait and received my suppressor on 14 Jul. So 17 days to receive it in the mail.
It kind of cracks me up, bought two suppressors the same day, 22 Dec 2022. Received one of the suppressors last week.....still waiting on the ATF Approval on the second one.
Purchased at some point in March. Just received the email today saying it was approved.

Roughly 6 months for the new suppressor.
E-form submitted March 16, 2023 for 2 suppressors. Received email from atf with the stamps Oct 4, 2023. Never heard from dealer that was on the email so called to. That guy no longer works there. Will be picking them both up on Oct 19. Submission to approval 203 days
You guys were quick. E-Forms submitted Jan 2023 and still waiting.... At least I have one to use until the 2 new ones show up.
Wow......wasn't expecting this!!!

09/01/23 Form 1 submitted (mailed in) for 8.6 Blackout SBR
10/11/23 Received approval via USPS mail
(40 days)

09/13/23 Form 4 eForm submitted for suppressor
11/01/23 Received approval via email
(49 days)

No trust......every thing filed as individual.

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Submitted form 4 trust 4/27/23

Approved on 11/6/23

Finally got to hear the Oniel Ops VAPR on my 6.5cm.

Very impressed- I didn’t know what to expect as I’ve never heard a silencer being shot .