ATV's on public land


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Most public land in Okla doesn't allow ATV's or UTV's . Me and a buddy were talking and don't understand why hunters over 65 years old couldn't use an ATV to retrieve a deer. The older I get, the harder it is to get a deer back to the truck. I know, there is always going to be someone that will abuse the privilege but man its getting tough getting a deer out of the woods and back to the truck. He has a sled and I use to have a cart but its still tough.
Legal here for on road travel. Legal offroad travel for game retrieval only.
Like you said, always someone willing to ruin it for everyone else.
I shot a buck last year and got what I would call a good hit on him. But, as luck would have it, he was one of those that refused to die and ran a long long ways before expiring. When I found him, the shot was a tad higher than what I thought, but still lethal, but he probably ran 4-500 yards. Luckily I could drive through a field to retrieve him but if I had gotten caught by a ranger it would have cost me some money. So don't tell anyone.
An ATV used only to retrieve would have been better. If I had to drag him out I probably wouldn't be here today.
I do a gutless debone and quarter job on the carcass and backpack the meat out. To [beeep] with both dragging and ATVs. If I can walk in, I can walk a deer out.