Aztec Gold spalted pecan set ——SOLD


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This is my first post here as a custom call maker. So glad to finally be here after watching this forum for so many years. In fact it is because of this forum that I became interested in making custom calls, and finally took the plunge this last spring. I have only been making calls for about a year now but really enjoy it.

Here is a set of calls I made out of spalted pecan that I stabilized and dyed Aztec Gold. The pecan came from a log I found in Arkansas and has given me quite a few really nice looking blanks, and has produced some amazing looking calls. This pecan is hard, turns really nice and finishes very well.

The first call is smaller, about 2 3/4" long and voiced as a rodent coaxer. I am a firm believer in in a nice mouth blown coaxer especially calling at night. Often I will call in coyotes using nothing but the coaxer. That is especially true if I am calling to coyotes I can see before starting to call and the wind isn't blowing too bad. The second call is 3" long and is voiced as a medium single reed cottontail or young jack. That reed can be swapped for a different reed though if the buyer so desires.

I really like this set and how they turned out. I have a nice video on my phone of how they sound but have not figured out how to get it from there to here yet. If I get it uploaded I will edit and post a link here.

$60 for this set for this set shipped inside the continental US.



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I'm thinking I'll get this set as a gift for my son's graduation coming up in May.

Now I need a lanyard. Any ideas on where to get a nice paracord lanyard tied up for these?
Thanks to everyone for the nice comments, and Thank You DesertRam for picking these up for your son. I appreciate it very much!

I have no idea on the lanyard except to google it, which is not a good answer, but the answer I have right now. Years ago I had one made by someone on here but don't remember who it was. I really liked that lanyard and still use it all the time. It had a big latch in the center for the caller remote and one drop on either side for a call. To me it was just perfect for daytime calling. Remote, one open reed, one closed reed, and spaced far enough apart things didn't tangle. I wish I could find another like that but with 3 call drops. Would be perfect for when I am out night calling with no machine.

Since Kerry posted here on this thread I will throw this in, maybe he will get a kick out of it. The two calls on my old lanyard with my remote are both Carver calls out of one of his Strictly Business sets from 15 years ago. Great calls. Been on there so long the paracord has taken a set to it and stuck, I can't get them off, lol. I guess they will stay forever. They work great so no reason to change them anyways.

If you find a good lanyard option then let me know. I have people that ask about them.
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Originally Posted By: lockrotorMy guessing it was fw707. He made a lot of lanyard for guys here.

Could be, I have a bunch of his stuff, all quality gear.
LOL Yep I remember you buying calls..

I am very glad to see you building them now

You are doing a fantastic Job..

Can't wait to see what ya post in the future..
Originally Posted By: catwhackerGood looking calls!!

Hey there, it's good to see you post again. I still love and use that blue antler call you made a few (or more?) years ago. Great little call.
Originally Posted By: DesertRamOriginally Posted By: catwhackerGood looking calls!!

Hey there, it's good to see you post again. I still love and use that blue antler call you made a few (or more?) years ago. Great little call.

Agree! I have a full lanyard set of calls Jim made of moose antler that are outstanding.