Thanks guys!

I've had some of that "bad ammo" a few times myself.

Unless I can bring myself to buy a thermal shooting scope, we've determined that since both of us now both have the Pulsar 19a's, that which ever one of us has the best shooting solution will take the shot while the other one keeps the thermal on the coyote in case he isn't DRT. Might get a little confusing though with multiples. We had five come down a logging road at once last fall, but we did manage to get one at least out of that pandemonium. Lol

Coyotes have visited my site at all hours, from right at dark to just before daylight and everywhere inbetween, and a few daytime visits though the majority of activity has been at night. It's hard to predict if or when they might show up. That's why it's necessary to be able to hunt all night. I settle in at the cabin before dark and stay the night. I have been awakened by the Driveway Patrol at various times throughout the night.
Lots of action this week. Saw 2 this morning and got a gorgeous female at 7:20! Hope to get her mate...

To my post above I should have added. I don't hunt at night, but I know they visit plenty after dark. We can't use a light with a rifle in MN. I see them in the moonlight and the bait is often tore up in the morning.
When baiting, they usually seem to arrive the first time between 2 and 4 A.M., but once they get the food, they will almost always start coming earlier and earlier. I am able to bait in my backyard which butts up to several hundred acres of farmland, so I shoot from the house.

I used to get up when the alarms went off and take the shot, but now I just turn the alarms off when I go to bed because I'm pretty sure the coyote will keep coming and arrive earlier. 6mm06 has coyotes that are much more sporadic in visits than I have here. Usually when mine start coming they come every night or at least every few nights where his may go weeks between visits. He is in mountainous terrain while I'm on flat land, but I don't know if that makes a difference.

Baiting is going to require some type of alarm to let you know when they show. Trying to stay outside is going to wear you out pretty quickly.
Thanks guys! We have some beautiful furs running around, all foxes with winterfur have a shade of black in them here. Have been hunting a fully black fox for 3 years now, a backcountry ghost one can call him. We see him once a year while moose hunting in the backcountry, but no one has gotten a chance to pull the trigger yet! Old big fox that is black all over but the tail tip, witch is white.
NFDer, you're lucky to have colored fox. A cousin gets cross, silver, and everything on back to red on Kodiak island. You have all them, too? I got a silver once. I think he escaped a cage?

Did you get the fox off the moose?
Got this big male about 10:45 last night on the bait pile. First one that has visited since early Dec. Shot him with the 204 and a 35 Berger. I was shooting with the Photon 4.6 XT with a doubler attached. Shot was 95 yds., but unfortunately I had another foul up and didn't get the video. I think I have that solved now. Right here is where he took his dirt nap.

While I didn't weigh him, he was heavy and I suspect in the mid 40's. The lower picture does show the small entry if you look closely, but as usual there was no exit.

Nice, good to see you got one after the dry spell. I had a coyote coming in December before I got my alarm working. He showed up twice in early February but hasn't been back since.
Lol, I'm pretty sure I'm the top bait hunter on this field where my home is, but that's about the extent of it. Besides that, most of what I know, I learned from you.

It is something to do when I can't go calling, and occasionally I get lucky at both.

Well, you have killed more coyotes at the bait site than anyone I know, so I think that makes you a top contender. LOL.