good shooting DoubleUp. It must of been an active night my home alarm went off at 12:10 am and got this 32lb male. It has been real quite with out snow.
Laughin weekender. Hey Bobm nice work there.

I had a real good spring last year calling as well as on the bait pile. I don't know if it will materialize this year though. Getting to be more competition around here which doesn't help.

Nice going Bobm.

DoubleUp, how many coyotes have you now taken at the bait site? I know it's a pile of them. I have only taken 11.
Lots of action fellas.WTG!
I called it a season. No good fur left here...snow is mostly gone, too.
My tally is, since mid December, 28 sightings (all in AM except 4), 11 coyote kills, 3 misses.
Fox, eagles, fisher, hawks,coon, crow, and all those little birds I fed! They were so fun to watch.
Best year ever.
I wish all you the best until next season.
See ya next year!

That's a great season K9. You got 11 coyotes since December, and I have only taken 11 in all the time I have been baiting, which is around 4 years.

Have a good year and hopefully we will meet up again next fall. Of course, for me season isn't quite over just yet, though it may be by default since I haven't seen a coyote now for quite a while.
I think the number is somewhere around 37 on the bait pile. K9, great season and hope to hear from you next year.
Can someone point me to post(s) that have bait pile info? Recipes if you will. I scanned though, but there are so many pages. I see some of you are using motion activated alarms so you're not sitting all night. Any other tactics?
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TatonkaII, most everyone uses meats of some sort or another, from road kill, butcher scraps, table scraps etc., and even fruits as well as dry dog food. I guess it's a matter of what you can come up with. It takes a lot of bait to keep a site going, and if you are to be successful, you need to keep it baited. For me, bait is hard to come by, so I generally use small chunks tossed around the site, but I love to take advantage of a road kill deer carcass when I can get one.

As to motion sensors, that is a must if you hunt at night. I first began trying to look through a Gen 1 NV scope every few minutes while sitting in a ground blind. I learned in short order that doesn't work. You need a sensor that will alert you to something on the bait, and you need a place you can rest comfortably throughout the night.

Several guys shoot from their home to a bait pile. I can't do that so I purchased a small storage building that I turned into a mini cabin. I stay the night down at the farm / cabin once a coyote hits the bait. I have a nice warm bunk and can fix coffee and something to eat. That's the way I do it. Others may do differently.

Some guys spot with red lights once the alarm sounds. Others use night vision of one form or another. I started out with a Gen 1 scope and used IR lights mounted at the bait site that were remote controlled on and off. Trail cameras can also provide necessary IR when tripped. I have since put together a home-made night vision outfit that works extremely well at a bait site, and it's cheap - somewhere around $200 to build not counting an IR illuminator.

There's a learning curve involved sometimes with bait hunting. I have been through many different trials before getting it to work well. Now I have it fine tuned. It's just a matter of being at the cabin when a coyote shows up. That in and of itself is not always an easy task, since even though a coyote may hit the bait one night, that doesn't mean it will return the next, though many times it does.

Good luck.

TatonkaII, I see you are from SC which means you are not far from hogs which work well for bait. That's what I usually use is what's left after I take the hams, shoulders and back straps off our hog kills. Gathering bait sure is fun too. I also use deer and beaver road kill. I don't see many beavers run over but I have a hard time passing a fresh one and leaving it. I have to stake the carcass down or the coyotes will drag it off in the thicket where I can't see them. I haven't heard others complain about that issue. I know 6mm06 uses chunks so the coyote can't drag his off. My issue is I can't be there everyday to replenish so I try to use something that will last 2 or 3 days sometimes more. Also I must live in the most buzzard infested area of the world. I can go throw meat trimmings from deer out and there will be buzzards on it in less than five minutes. I will bet my pay check on it. They won't stop till it's gone either. I mean there will be 30 or more buzzards. I have thought about a feeder with dog food but haven't tried it. I prolly will try it at some point.
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Don't try the feeder weekender when you have meat scraps out that are attracting the buzzards because they will eat the dry dog food too. Wait until the scent of the meat is gone.
this one can in to my bait sight at 9:40 pm it is a 35lb male I saw two others but didn't get a shot. I am going back to night to try and finish the job
Well it didn't work out like I hoped. Had a raccoon, owl, and two coyote stop by but no shots. I had put 5 gallons of bait out Thursday at noon none left too keep them there know I am off to find more bait.
Finally got some coyotes to come in. 2 road killed deer that I put out Feb 11. Crows, coons, possums, a dog that seems to be wild and a hawk have visited before. The coyotes waited until night hunting has closed here but maybe they will be in the area and I can call to them.

coyotes coming in
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At least you have some action on the bait, which is always nice. I have a red and gray fox and a possum coming to mine at the moment. Haven't seen a coyote for quite a while.
Thanks guys! I'm not new to night hunting, just the idea of a "bait stand". I got three pigs and two yotes this past weekend with friends, but we had to put in a lot of hours and many miles.
Just can't catch a break, I get a coyote who visits every once in a while. Last time was 2 weeks ago but since then only fox coons and opossums. This morning when I checked the bait pile was hammered during the night, three carcasses dragged in different directions. No pics because my trail my camera fell over. It's strapped to a 10 inch by 2 foot long log and I move it around. Ice and leaves that had frozen to the bottom melted and over it went, luckily it fell backwards and wasn't damaged. I just hope he comes back, we're down to the final stretch in NY.