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Good job, Paul. Looks like you need to trim a few trees. LOL.

Nice looking coyote David, congrats. I have about a 10 foot window, I might take a few more trees out next year. The pile is about 120 yards out, it's at back end of a 20x30 yard clearing and my invisible fence cuts the field in half. It's the dark spot about 2/3 back on the left.

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Congrats to pmack and 06, good pics and videos, THANKS.
I had either one come twice or two visitors last night but I was away in a failed attempt to gather more bait. I got winded a few seconds before I could get the shot off. I had 4 sows and 1 boar there and trying to make sure I didn't shoot a sow. Both are legal but I try to just shoot the boars as I want the sows to make more bait.

It will be a few days before I can get back to the "pile". These coyotes were in the area of the dead coyote carcass I placed there.


Those are the best trail camera pictures I've seen.

Quote:I had 4 sows and 1 boar there and trying to make sure I didn't shoot a sow. Both are legal but I try to just shoot the boars as I want the sows to make more bait.

Guess you can add "hog farmer" to your resume now.
Keep on recycling those hogs!

Originally Posted By: pmackThanks weekender, is that a cellular trailcam, images are great?

Thanks pmack, yes it is a Tactacam Reveal X Gen 2 cellcam. I really enjoy getting the pics real time and not having to go spread my scent to see what has been there. Well worth the price of the subscription IMO.
This is a double I shot on the bait pile around 7:25 tonight. I had seen them at about 700 yds. last night. The male came in first tonight, and I had not seen the female. When I shot the male, the female came running in to check on him which is unusual. I had to wait until she stopped which ended up being 275 yds. out. Bering Optics Super Yoter put the bullet where I wanted it. We've had so much rain that I could see best on black hot with both the Super Yoter and Phenom. True bait pile doubles have been pretty rare for me, and I was glad to get this pair.

#2829a by Double Up, on Flickr


Interesting picture; save it for Halloween.
Congratulations on the double!
ETA: Missed the video last night. Great job on 2nd coyote; your patience payed off.

Gotta love the ability to go back and review the video and analyze your hold, etc. Takes all the guessing after the shot as to POA, trigger control, etc.

#6 off the hayfield bait site, about 10:45 last night. Saw a couple boar coon out cruising. No rubs, mange or lice. This one(male) will get tanned with feet/toenails. Probably will give to the landowner. I stayed until 1am, howled back to coyote responding to a siren. Beautiful night after the moonrise.
hm1996, truthfully if I fail to get video, I feel like I've been robbed. I really don't know how much anybody enjoys the posted videos, but self-recording has been a real learning experience for me. It teaches me so many things which I don't see in the heat of the moment just as you mentioned.

Congratulations on #6 Spot.
06, that is the fairly new Pulsar Talion XQ38. Considered entry level at $2500.00, it suits my needs very well. It's just 384 but for me, it's enough to enjoy the view and get some dead critters. I have been shooting the coyotes with a .223 but put my scope on a 22 mag bolt gun for this hunt. I have killed more than few hogs with a 22 mag and have yet to have one survive it best I remember. It took the coyotes a couple weeks to start feeding on the last hog carcass. Deer, they hit right away but with the season out, pork is on the menu, like it or not.