Originally Posted By: DoubleUphm1996, truthfully if I fail to get video, I feel like I've been robbed. I really don't know how much anybody enjoys the posted videos, but self-recording has been a real learning experience for me. It teaches me so many things which I don't see in the heat of the moment just as you mentioned.

Congratulations on #6 Spot.

IDK about everyone else, but I enjoy the videos a lot. Wish I had tumbled to the night vision back when I was able to get out overnight. Being able to look back at actual POA on a questionable shot is priceless in seeing one's mistakes and correcting them. I don't shoot at running game unless I have reason to believe they have already been hit, because I don't consider myself a good shot on moving critters. Would be a great tool to learn to shoot better on moving targets as well.

Keep those videos coming.

2 tonight off the bait where I shot a triple earlier, tonight they were about 20 minutes apart. Later at least 2 more(could see them through trees with thermal) were howling and barking. They left and returned twice to the same hill top. Thought they would come in but wind kicked up left to right. They slipped downwind and warning barked and took off.
Originally Posted By: DoubleUphm1996, truthfully if I fail to get video, I feel like I've been robbed. I really don't know how much anybody enjoys the posted videos, but self-recording has been a real learning experience for me. It teaches me so many things which I don't see in the heat of the moment just as you mentioned.

Congratulations on #6 Spot.

Owen, I couldn't agree more. Although I don't edit like some of the guys here, the video and pictures are all part of the hunt. For years the daily morning memory card retrieval was the start. The anticipation of shooting what was found was compounded by pulling the trigger when the camera was running with the target in the frame, we are a one man production and film crew. The evolution of cellular cams and scopes that record has simplified the process. What used to be only attainable hunting over bait with a trail camera or dragging along a film crew is now at a touch of a button. It definitely adds a new dimension of enjoyment to the hunt.
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I'm trying out a new setup running Thermal for shooting and NV on a side mount for video. I'm almost embarrassed about how much stuff is hanging off the rifle but it helps with positively identifying the smaller stuff. Unfortunately the side mount worked loose and the video from the PARD cut out at the shot.

Also I should have turned on the PARD illuminator. Having the second illuminator really sharpens up the image at distance. Note the PARD comes with a laser illuminator that is not eye safe and accidental reflection off of windows is a vision hazard. For those of us shooting from enclosures this is an important warning.

Moving on... Chime did not go off. I just randomly took a peek and caught one on the baitsite around 8:00 PM last night. Got the XG fired up and set. Turned on the SHL. Turned on and focus the PARD. Back into the XG...LOL. Did I say there's a lot of button pushing going on?

Shot was at 160 yards and took him head on. That rocked him back on his haunches and rolled him over 180 degrees. #3 for the new year and the first with the 75 grain Sierra Varminters over Win760. Should be moving about 3,100 fps.

Wildflights, congrats on another one down. Sounds like you have a lot of equipment to get started before the shot. It’s difficult sometimes to do it all. I didn’t get the security DVR to recording on my last coyote. In the heat of the moment it’s hard to do.
Went out at 10 last night, a male red fox showed up about 45 minutes later. 155 yards with the 204R, Burris BTS35. Going to see my techie brother this week, hopefully figure out a easy Android phone to PM site photo transfer. Might be a coyote or 2 at his place.
Good work wildflights and spot!! Cool video WF, defintely a lot going on there. Keep em coming. I can't buy a coyote...
I've had a great year from a standpoint of coyote visits but the dogs seem really hesitant to hammer the bait. I've had multiple coyotes several times, I get pictures but rarely with them active on the bait. I've had 3 road kill out for about 3 weeks and they are barely touched, yet I get visits every other day on average. They seem to really shy away from the Spypoint camera, most pictures they are just at limit of camera. I'm running a Hosmart driveway alarm but haven't used it much, relying on my cell phone notification. Sunday night I had 4 in the area for almost an hour, but only 2 pictures of coyotes, and several others with nothing. I had people over for the Superbowl and my gun and tripod were tucked away and it took longer to get things together and just caught them moving out. Anyone got any pointers.


I have noticed that some coyotes are scared of the red glow of trail cameras, while others don’t mind it much. So, that could be one possible issue. Coyotes many times are reluctant to come down the hill out of the hay field and into my bait area. Some do, but some don’t like to.

What I do now is have bait in the bait area, but I also throw small tid bits of bait up into the field. I operate three sensors positioned to cover the field above the bait site, and a sensor or two down inside the bait area. The majority of coyotes I shoot now are in the field, or along the edge where the field joins the bait area.

Another consideration about sensors is to not have any glow from them when they are tripped. It took me quite a while to figure out why coyotes were shying away. The remedy came when I opened the sensors up and covered the little light with a red gasket sealer that stops any light transmission.

Might be good to have another shooting lane in the direction where those coyotes were yapping, and keep it baited with 1” pieces of bait scattered around.

Some cameras scare coyotes more than others. Primos were the worst I've had. The videos would show the coyote visibly noticing and reacting to the camera on startup. The LED's had a much brighter glow than my other models. Some cameras may make some shutter noise (IDK, light clicking is something I'd likely not hear). I don't have any experience with Spypoint to have an opinion on them. Do your videos show the coyotes having a reaction to the camera?

It looks like your bait site is relatively close in. I'd cut some shooting lanes to punch out a little further. Like spokes on a wheel.
Pmack, A possibility is mounting your camera higher, maybe 6' or so to get it where they aren't looking right at it.
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Just moved camera to about 8 feet up in tree. Bait is not as close as you think it's 120 yards from house in small opening in woods. Need to check the glow from the Hosmart sensor. I'm going to move one of the carcasses out of camera and sensor range to see if they hit that.
pmack, I bought the Hosmart model that came with 4 sensors. Two of the sensors had lights when they tripped two did not.

I stayed at new camp Tuesday night and only a possum come. I went the other direction last night to try for more bait for still another spot and wouldn't you know it, coyotes showed not one but three times last night. I will keep trying till it happens again that our schedules match. I wish it was where I could stay multiple nights in a row but I am just too busy right now for that to happen.

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