Originally Posted By: weekenderpmack, I bought the Hosmart model that came with 4 sensors. Two of the sensors had lights when they tripped two did not.

Week I just blocked out the LED in my sensor. In the past my coyote visits were few and far between it was tough to pattern. I seldom get pics such as yours where they are just standing there. I'm hoping raising the camera and eliminating the sensor glow will put them more at ease.

Playing the cat-n-mouse game seems pretty common with baiting. It’s purely a matter of being able to hunt the night the coyotes decide to return. Year before last I stayed 5 consecutive nights in the shack and got him on the 5th night.
I messed up last night at 11:30. I had downsized weapons to minimize noise (to neighbors) to a .22 mag. I shot the coyote a little forward from where I wanted per the video. I put my 1.5 yr old rescue Jack Russel on the tract about 30 mins after. She did great tracking the coyote with very minimal blood more than 400 yds. This was her first what I would call long tracks. She had been on a few short tracks of 50 yds or less with lots of blood, deer and hog. I only saw about 10 pin head size drops myself. Coyote went in a jungle of briars that was all but impossible to get through. I lost the clip out of my .22 mag somewhere in there. Didn't find the coyote, prolly not dead. Video will come later tonight.

There is good news though. Me and the pup left at 8:00 am and .....

@weekender I'm all for following up on shot coyotes. I semi routinely use my Weimeriner for the job. He has taken the hit a couple of times in the thick stuff where I had to step into the fray and end it with the shotgun at "at the end of your boot" range. He's big enough that he's shaken off the couple of puncture wounds he's received and will go back for more.

I'd worry about the Jack Russel. I'm sure he's game but I leave my smaller pup in the house when it comes to blood trailing critters that bite back and can shake her.

Sorry to hear the bad news, Week but the good news is promising. Seems as though you and I both need to consider a suppressor. I would have had one already if not for all the red tape involved.
Thanks for the advice wf, noted. I hadn't really considered what would happen if the coyote wasn't dead when she found it.

Here is the video from last night. Let me know what you think about where the shot placement was. I told my wife I had it right in the boiler room and squeezed it off, that was before I came home and watched the video. Looked too far forward to me now.

No, I don't think you hit the coyote too far forward. Looked to be about perfect to me. What was your range and what bullet were you shooting in the 22 mag. You have a dead coyote somewhere there.
Thanks for looking DU. 100 yds Remington 33 gr Accutip. Same round I shot the 150# boar with that the coyote was feeding on. I shoot them because they are the most accurate in my gun from any I have tried. I wanted to look some more this morning but it was raining pretty good so I didn't. The last place I saw blood was about 400 yds from where I shot it.
I have killed a few coyotes with the 33s but they were with a glass scope and I head or neck shot them.
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Originally Posted By: 6mm06
Sorry to hear the bad news, Week but the good news is promising. Seems as though you and I both need to consider a suppressor. I would have had one already if not for all the red tape involved.

I am looking at them 06.
That is a dead coyote week, somewhere...
Very nice video! He hunched and took it solid, just a matter of where he expired.
WEEK/06, I'm pretty lucky my neighbors have no issues with me shooting, I would like suppressor for many of my calling spots, might keep homeowners with flashlights in the house. But unfortunately NoYork does not allow them. Dead coyote BTW weekender.

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I can’t believe you didn’t find it. Looked good to me but 400 is a long ways especially waiting for 30 min. Though l have zero experience with the 22–though long rifle did fine in foxes when l was younger

The chime went off this morning a little after 2:00. She was working the bait over pretty good and I could have waited for her to turn. Since I had the 75gr Sierra Varminters loaded up I went ahead and took the hard quartering angle. Bullet entered at last ribs, missed the heart and pulped the lungs. Probably 14" of penetration with no exit.

I'm pretty happy with the new bullet. I'm running it over Winchester 760 poured from an old can.
I'm finding the 760 a bit temperature sensitive. During load workup @ 40ish degrees I could cover the groups with a dime regardless of the drop between 42 & 44 grains. At 44 grains it showed a hint of pressure signs on the primer. However the ammo loaded at 43.5 grains started really flattening the primers when left in the house @ 72 degrees. Ended up dropping the load to 42.5 grains to compensate for mildly warm ammo.
Sat all last night(dozed off and on) at a friend's farm in the machine shed. Coyote had been showing up during daylight. He and wife worried about their German Shorthair that is recovering from surgery. Had a twofer chance but the 204R didn't pass thru at 115 yards. Ended up with 3 shots,3 coyote 115,115 and 245 yards.
wf, fine shot and video.
spot, that's a great night on the 3X.

It sure is nice for me to see some action, even if I am not there as much as I would like.
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Man, you guys are stacking them up. Awesome video WF!! Congrats on the kill and, congrats spot on the triple. Sounds like you're in the numbers as well!! Good work fellas. I must have shot them all up at my place 😀. Stay after em!