Thanks guys. Yes this one was very mangy. I did edit out about 20 seconds of the recording before the coyote stepped into view. I kept the video focused on the hightlights.

06: I do have an alarm pointed at the corner where I shot the coyote. I don't think this one had tripped that alarm yet when I shot it. I have two additional alarms that are about 300' and 400' down the logging road/driveway. When the outer alarm goes off I pay close attention to the time delay until the next alarm goes off. If there is a long delay, and each alarm rings multiple times, it's usually deer. If there is a single or double alarm ring, and 20 seconds or less between alarms, it's probably a coyote and I race to get the gun and get set up at the window. I like to be set up in the window waiting for them before they step into view. That way I don't spook them as I get the gun ready and open the window.
Let one slip away last night, not sure if bolt wasn't seated or light strike from dirty gun but the dreaded click happened. Seems to happen once a year but it didn't spook them too bad they were back in a couple hours later but I opted for no alarm and some sleep. Tonite will make 4 nights in a row if they come back I'll be ready.
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I had 4 "drive by" last night, 2 were fox(season over so they get a pass). The coyote moved thru the shooting lane to quickly, didn't stop even for a squeaker. One fox ran up to 40 yards to the squeaker. I stayed until 2am. A side note while sitting from 8pm to til 2am. I thought a lot about a daytime thermal target that will work at my south facing club range. What I decided to try was a piece of cardboard with a 1.5" slice of 3.5" pool noodle glued on(has the hole in the middle) cut a smaller piece of cardboard and cut a hole in it slightly larger than the foam ring hole. Glue together. This will allow you to roll a disposable toe heater and stuff in the hole. Went to the range with the new target and also taped a second toe warmer on the target to compare. Heat signature is smaller, more defined with the warmer in the foam cardboard sandwich. Easier to dial in the thermal for me(white hot).
Sounds like a good plan spot. The idea of the foam insulating the heat signature down to a smaller dot...gotch ya.
I'm still having pretty good luck with the foil tape in different configurations, but on occasion, will still go hand warmer.
At the club, I can only use the target holders they provide. No easy way to angle the target face. Shooting south, I can tell the radiation off the foil seems off slightly. I put several rounds into under dime size with the insulated small diameter heat pack.
Told the wife I wouldn't wake her with a coyote escapade last night. But once my phone went off the little devil on my shoulder said if I could just sneak to the shed (see it at end of video) the shot might not wake her. When I snuck out onto the deck a coyote at the edge of my yard wouldn't allow that to happen. I wasn't going to shoot just under the bedroom window but just couldn't resist a 40 yard shot. It just wasn't in the cards as gun only went click at the 2:50 mark. Good thing is they didn't spook bad and were back a couple hours later. Hopefully tonight they return.

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CT, sounds like a well thought out plan with the sensor spacing and time between alarms.

Spot, sorry to hear the night was unproductive. Same for me. I was once again plagued with the pesky red fox stealing the bait. No sign of the coyote, however my cell camera revealed he returned around 9:00 PM tonight - and I’m not there. I have to be out of town tomorrow morning so I couldn’t hunt tonight, darn it. In usual fashion, the coyote didn’t return the second night (last night). Seems the third or fourth night is the best chance, as this episode further illustrates.

Paul, that clicking sound is cringe worthy.
Oh man pmack, I could only wish for that kind of activity. You have quite the deal going on there. I have had the infamous "click" myself, and it is very agrivating to say the least.
Just got back from calling 3 sets...big goose egg tonight.
Originally Posted By: baitpileOh man pmack, I could only wish for that kind of activity.

BP this activity is really rare for me and that should have been number 5 this year. I've had years where I only have 5-10 total visits. This year has been the exception, although I had just gone 5 weeks since my last coyote visit before they started showing up again.
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Paul, that clicking sound is cringe worthy.

David it might have been a good thing, I wasn't committed to the shot, I rushed it with a last minute decision, (kind of promised wife I wouldn't wake her that night) just as I squeezed he moved, shot might not have been good. Gun is all cleaned and lubed now, should be good to go if they come back
Black coyote from last night. If you look closely at the video, you will see my brother in laws bullet splash just before I shot maybe a couple of inches higher than my scope dot. About 70-75 yards. Both shooting 223/556 ARs



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Great shooting and great video Burn! Congrats. I couldn't see the splash on my phone, will have to slow it down on the computer. Very nice black color, wowser!!

Edit: Yep, saw on the big screen. Good stuff.
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Great video. Interesting that you could see the splash! Congratulations on the black coyote. I'd have to mount that one.

Congrats to Burns on the black one. I am still wanting one of those for the new house and hope I live long enough to get him. pmack, I had the dreaded click a couple months back. No fun there. Thanks to spot for the noodle insulation tip. I will try that next time I zero.
Wife and I have been gone for three days turkey hunting in SC. Close but no cigar is that story.
WHILE WE WERE GONE, the coyotes had their way with the dog food.