Very impressive shooting/ballistic calculator, David. That scope looks like a good way to get into NV at a comparably low price point. Totally ignorant on the digital sights, looking forward to some videos and a report from your hunt!


Clarence, I am amazed at the accuracy of the 4k Pro's ballistic calculator. Yesterday's sighting was done with the 6mm Remington and the 5-20x scope. Today I did the same with a different scope, the 3-14x model mounted on a Bergara bolt action .308. Results were the same. I sighted at 60 yards, then in menu told the scope to re-calibrate for 93 yards. Bingo. Same performance. The inner circle is 1".


In order for the ballistic calculator to work, certain variables have to be entered into the scope first, like bullet weight, ballistic coefficient of the bullet, velocity, scope height above bore and zero range. Once that is entered and saved, it's a simple matter to go into menu and reset the distance. The scope does the rest and positions the crosshair where it should be, so it's a dead on hold at any distance with no guess work as to trajectory of bullet hitting high or low. I love it. Granted i haven’t tried it beyond 100 yards, but for 30 yards up to 100 it’s right there.

Years ago I had the old X-Sight 2 scope mounted on an AR 6x45. I took that outfit on a hog hunt and put the ballistic calculator to use. It worked. The first night the guide had me sit in a ladder stand with a feeder at only 20 yards, set up for a bowhunter. I entered 20 yards and dropped a hog with a head shot. The following night I was in a different stand at 120 yards. I dropped two hogs with head shots with a dead on hold, no hold over or under. The 4k Pro scope is far superior to the X-Sight 2.

I used two rifles that night. The stainless is a Remington Sendero 7mm STW that took one hog during daylight hours, and the AR with the digital scope took the other two after dark.


Again, this isn't necessarily predator hunting, but the discussion is pertaining to the scope that will work great for bait site predator hunting.

Nice sight-in work 06. Thanks for sharing. Yesterday I spent some time sighting in the Trail 2 thermal scope on a bolt 20 practical in preparation for some coyote calling this weekend.
I found when using the AR type scope(attaches to a rail) rather than the traditional scope/rings setup, the faster cartridges have a different trajectory arch. -.4-.6 low at 50 yards, +.5 high at 100 and 150, +.1-.2 at 200 yards. Good to about 240 yards before any drop adjustment. Last winter this was how I sighted in the 204R with the 40 BIB and the 20p with the 35 Berger. I'm leaving the thermal on the 20p for a prairie dog trip in June.

That was pretty neat, Paul. Did he just chase it a short ways and return? I forgot, what is the range to your bait?
David it's about 130 yard to back of the field. She stopped right there. Even without her collar she rarely leaves the yard. She was back in field in a few seconds.

Just sharing a couple of photos at my bait site lately. As you can see, I need to cut the grass. At least there's some activity still. He just
traveled the field border but didn't come down the hill to the bait site. I painted a camera mount and he may have smelled the paint.



Here is the camera mount, made from 2x2's. The wing nut allows the arm to move the camera up or down, and the camera rotates on the rest, so I
can adjust it to any position. I placed a roof over it to keep the rain and sun off. I suspect the coyote smelled the paint.




I operate three cameras at the site. Two are regular cameras set to video, and the other is a cell camera mounted in a walnut tree. This view is from
one of the regular cameras further down the hill.


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Originally Posted By: weekenderThanks Paul, looks your dog ain't scared one bit!

Week she's really a wuss. That coyote has been a regular visitor and she chased it twice that day. She's tough in her yard and rarely leaves. She hits the brakes at the edge of that little field where I bait them. She is another indicator when coyotes are in the area.
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Looks like a lot has been going on. This male has been visiting a couple of times this week. Last night we made the connection at the "Diner."

#71b by Double Up, on Flickr

This male coyote showed up earlier this week on my bait pile. I decided to take him with the Sightmark Wraith Mini. I did not use my rifle mounted IR light. The 850nm IR mounted on the back of my shop gave enough light for the shot. It was a heart shot with angled pass through. As usual, heart shot coyotes run, and this one made it about 25 yds. and fell in a field ditch. I was shooting the 6x45, affectionately named "The Parvo" with a 58 gr. V-max.

Thanks O6, I had intended to turn the rifle mounted light on which gives a much better picture, but he was acting a little too spooky. I'm pretty sure he was smelling where I had changed batteries and cards on the cameras earlier.
You might call it a hill for this area! It's a berm around my pond. That reminds me of once when I was out in Wyoming and a local there in Dubois asked me how I liked their river, "The Wind River". While the entire area is postcard beautiful, I had to tell him the truth, so I said well where I come from we wouldn't call this a river. To which he replied, "Well, what would you call it then?" I said we would probably call it a stream, but some people would call it a ditch. Just how big are the rivers where you live then? I said well, One of the rivers "the Neuse" is about 7 miles across at the mouth, and another one, "the Pamlico" is about the same. He looked at me like I was the biggest liar he had ever seen, and quickly left the scene.