Bans on Electronic Waterfowl Decoys


(reprinted without permission of North American Hunt Club)

Concern over increased harvests by hunters using battery-operated or electronic waterfowl decoy devices resulting in further hunting restrictions, the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission recently banned their use throughout the state. California and Idaho are considering similar actions.

Washington Bans Electronic Waterfowl Decoys

In a 6-2 vote, the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission (WFWC) banned the use of battery-powered or electronic devices in waterfowl hunting.

The commission made the decision during its August 17 meeting.

The ruling also bans the quivering devices that look like hockey pucks and vibrate in the water to add motion to a decoy spread, said Madonna Luers, Washington Fish and Wildlife Department spokeswoman.

WFWC chairman Russ Cahill, who was among the six in favor of the ban, called it a "fair chase" issue. Cahill said that many waterfowlers who he heard from said that use of the so-called "robotic" decoys "just increases the killing, not hunting participation."
Other commissioners expressed concern about increased waterfowl harvests resulting in future hunting restrictions.

As you read in the July 26 edition of "NAHC Weekly News," the California Fish and Game Department decided to take a look at regulating spinning-winged decoys after a study revealed that hunters harvested more ducks while using them. The California Game Commission will make a final decision on the use of spinning-winged decoys during its August 24 meeting. Idaho is also planning to consider restrictions on the decoys this month.
OK Washington boys, what is going on here? Curt and all the rest, come on in. I have heard some older hunters complain about them because they feel the electronic decoy does not fit what is to them a "traditional" hunting style. This reminds me of the stories I read in old Field and Stream issues about people not liking the "newfangled" pump and auto shotguns. They have the electronic decoys where I shop and I have been less than impressed with them. The wing movements do not look realistic.

Safety,Ethics, Accuracy, Velocity, Energy-I am On the Way to the Arizona Predator Hunt!!!!!!
My focus really wasn't on waterfowl decoys as much as it was pertaining to using electronic decoys for predators.

One ban follows another....
Originally posted by Encore223:
One ban follows another....

Ain't that the truth. If the Anti's can push thru legislation banning animated decoys, then the outlawing of recorded calls is the next target.
the California Fish and Game Department decided to take a look at regulating spinning-winged decoys after a study revealed that hunters harvested more ducks while using them.

No S*it! Increased harvests ! Why else would they be using them? Can't have those duck hunters actually harvesting ducks, now can we? I wonder how much that study cost?
To everyone who uses a motion decoy for coyotes, or has thought about doing it....

Consider the power of groups like Ducks Unlimited. i do not know if they fought this legislation or not, but as far as i can tell, DU has nearly infinite amounts more money than any predator hunting group i've heard about.

The thing that caught my eye in this post was the comment about the "old-timers" labeling it as something other than a "traditional" method.
I grew up hunting ducks with a few very serious old-timers. They always commented on how they missed the days of their live decoys.
It would appear to me that the motion decoys are an attempt to emulate the "traditional" methods, something totally different than what some relative "Johnny-come-latelies" think of as traditional.
Ducks are pretty wary critters. When these devices see wide-spread use the greenheads will adapt - maybe only to a degree, but the advantage may return to the static blocks.
i've used these decoys many times. they do seem to draw birds in from far away. they dont look real up close but from a distance its the same thing a mallard see's when he's criusing over a flock of restless birds. it works very well. i wont miss them by any means though.
duck hunting is such a competative sport in some areas that you almost have to buy a roboduck to keep up.
this ruins away from the whole experience of hunting for me.
others are irate after ordering a copuple of the very expensive decoys and never even getting to use them.
i dont see this spreading into hunting predators anytime soon. most non hunters dont even know what were doing out there. also the sentiment for coyotes and cats and bears is not the same as "cute" ducks.
but hey ,....i would never have thought this would happen either.
They just better not try to ban motion decoys!!

I'll sic Fluffy on 'em!!!