Beef brisket this afternoon!


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It's been slow cooking on the smoker all day.
Man it looks great!!

I would post a picture, but, well,
Y'all already know my excuse.


Jeff, I need a quick cliff notes version of temps, and prep if you get any time. Not sure if you still have my #. PM me if you get a min!

Dang photobucket too...cant see pics
Sounds really good. Would have loved to see how it turned out. Looks a little grey though (jk)

I would also be very interested in your approach if you are willing to share.

I have thought about getting a brisket and stuffing it and wrapping it up and slow cooking in the smoker, so i am really curious if you don't mind.
Thanks T!

After I got it all trimmed up it was 6 pounds.
I marinated it (refrigerated) for 36 hours in a 2-gallon Zip-lock bag in this:

6 Tbsp Olive oil
3 Tbsp Soy sauce
3 Tsp Montreal steak seasoning, and
3 Tsp Espresso ground coffee (I use Cafe Bustelo)

I put it on the Egg at 8:30 am at about 240 degrees. After 5 hours I opened up the lid and sprayed it down with apple juice. After another 3 hours (and a couple more generous applications of apple juice) the point end hit 195 degrees so I pulled it off the grill, wrapped it in foil, and let it rest about an hour and a half.
I let the grill temp creep up the last 3 hours, so it finished at about 285 grill temp.
It got about 6 chunks of wet hickory on the charcoal at the start and that made a pretty good smoke for about an hour.

Any questions, just ask!
Originally Posted By: Tbone-AZnice, thanks for sharing.. Sounds simple enough.

Yep, has to be simple for me to do it.

Just don't get hung up on internal temp. When it's done it'll have a nice soft feel when you insert the thermometer-just like a Boston Butt.
Originally Posted By: hm1996Darn it, Jeff, you and your pictures just ruined my PB sandwich!



I hate to add insult to injury, but I've got a big rack of St. Louis spare ribs on right now.