Big Game Season of Blessings - Part 1 My Deer


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It has been a crazy year for me, and I havent been around here in a while. Work has been crazy, not lending me much time to do anything. However, we were able to get a couple of packs of meat in the freezer this year. Since, I cannot seem to find coyotes this year with a search warrant, i figured I would share some of our luck elsewhere.

As I said, it has been a wild year. I hunt a farm that a buddy of mine owns, which i hunt all types of critters on. He is not blood, but we are family. As such, I more or less use his proptery as my own. He seems to be happy with the errangement so far. Anyway, this all starts around March of 2021. As the title indicates, there are a few parts to this story.

Past few years I have tried putting in plots of sun flowers for Doves. Little success as well i might add. One of my buddies is now a seed distributor for food plots, and sold me a mixture that was geared towards birds. Milo, sunflowers, beans...ect. (Ill get back to that) Well, that food plot turned out amazing. So, we talked all summer about putting in a fall plot for white tail. I spoke with the land owner about my plans, and he said go for it.

His property is not that big, but there is about a 5-6 acre field on the back side of property, that is all but hidden from human contact most of year. I decided to put in a 1 acre fall plot, which had turnips, raddish, and a pile of other plants. I worked the ground with the 1956 MF tractor my buddy owns, and planted 1st week of september. By opening day of white tail season (around oct1) the plot was almost 24" tall, and the deer were hammering it. I had a stand set on a fence line about 80 yds from edge of food plot, as mainly an observation stand. I set it opening evening, as wind was right, to just observe plot and get a game plan if i started seeing good deer on cam. Saw about 10 deer opening night. Several bucks, but none over 2.5. I was very happy to see the deer using the food plot.

Fast forward to the evening before Halloween. Weather broke, Rain non stop last few days. I have been plagued for last 3 weeks with 2 bad SD cards, and no pics of anything. Food plot has been getting hit hard, so I wanted to see how deer were using field and what was using it. Had a great NNW wind, which is ideal for this stand. Although, I had 0 anticipation to even touch my bow.

Had 1.5yr 7 pt come in about 6 down fence line my stand is in. He moved off. Nothing at all on food plot, which suprise me. About 630 I heard a stick pop. Looked over and saw a buck, but no idea what it was. He stepped out, and initially I thought it was one of the 2.5 yr 9 pts. He was only 20 yds, so I got quick look at him as he was walking away and I was shocked it was a shooter.

Grabbed bow quick and got on him. Hard quartering away shot about 30 yds. Aimed at opposite shoulder and let the arrow go. Saw the luminock enter exactly where I was aiming and buck let out big grunt and took off. Arrow stayed in him, as it lodged into opposite shoulder and broke it. I watched my luminock take off for about 80 yds and stop. Then I lost it. I was confident in shot, but backed out and went home. Picked up gf and went back after 2 hours. Blood trail was easily followed even though it was slightly raining. He ran maybe 80-100 yds and piled up. Double lung and liver.

This deer was completely new to farm. Zero pictures or history. Feel like I cheated a bit, but couldn't be happier. He ended up scoring 146 7/8.

Great story with a reward for all the work you put in. I also hunt on a friends land and our relationship is very similar, he says, use it like its yours. I appreciate that and do all I can to be a good steward. I'll be waiting for next installment.