Big Game Season of Blessings - Part 3 Her Deer


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Final Part to our season.

Back on my buddies farm, where i have my food plot

Rewind back to beginning of season. My neighbor (at my house), hunts a farm close to farm my girlfriend and I hunt on. He was telling me about all of these drop tine bucks he had on camera, and asked me if i had seen any. I hadnt. So, I never put a lot of thought into in.

Skip ahead to November. I was checking cameras with my girl friend on a sunday. I always hand her the cards while I fiddle around with whatever else i need to do. She is going through the card, and flips out. DROP TINE DROP TINE. She shows me the camera, and sure as heck...a drop tine buck. Novemeber 14th at 5:53 AM i believe. She is on cloud 9, i had already shot my buck and she was up to batt. She keeps saying, "I am going to kill that buck!!!". Well i didnt want to discourage her, but we get big bucks on this farm at night during rut every year, never to be seen again.

So, fast forward a few weeks to gun Season. She decided to focus all of her hunting to gun season this year. Not enough time to practice shooting her bow, and i supported that idea. I had the big bodied 10 on camera ALOT, and during day light. Thanksgiving evening, and the following saturday morning. Gun season started following monday.

She hunted every single day of the first gun season, minus one. No luck. Bucks back nocturnal. The interesting thing was, i was getting pictures of this drop tine back again in my food plot. This spiked her interest in a Big way.

So, second gun season is approaching (2 days of season). I put her back in my food plot field stand, and i go to a different farm to look for a doe. She hunts hard in the cold, wind, and rain each day with no luck again.

Holidays came and went, and muzzle loader season was approaching. So, again we run the cameras to see whats moving. To my suprise, the big 10 is back consistantly. Also, drop tine, but almost never in shooting light.

Saturday muzzle loader season opens. I decided to take another stand and sit with her as often as i can. Saturday night, we saw several does. However they came in a direction i have never seen and caught our wind. Sunday, we were back at it. Windy and cold. 515 all of the bucks start piling into the field. Drop tine and big 10 included. We sat until the bitter end with no bucks getting close enough for a shot. Monday i took off early, with a great wind to hunt the stand. Sadly, same thing as evening before. We were both getting discouraged, as these big boys dont generally let you get away with much, especially 3 days in a row. Tuesday was last night of season, and i could not get off work early. Wind was crap, but we decided that it was worth hunting as it was last day of season.

She went hunting that evening as i sat at work. She texted me around 505 PM saying that the drop tine buck was in field, and all of the bucks were pilling out just like past 2 nights. I didnt hear back from her for about 10 minutes, and she calls me loosing her mind.

"I JUST SHOT HIM I JUST SHOT HIM". I say calm down, which buck? Big 10? Nope, drop tine. Now i will say this again, i never in a million years imagined id ever get to see this deer in person, and now i may.

So, i head home, get changed, and grab all of my stuff to head that way. We had given the buck about an hour when we went in to look. she was very certain where she had shot buck, and where the buck went in the woods. So i get to looking. Unfortunately, no blood to be found anywhere. However i did find hair all over ground. I knew it was a hit. we looked and looked, no blood. So i said heck with it, we are going over to where you last saw him enter the woods. Sure enough, blood exactly where she said. Problem was, it was 100% a gut shot deer, and blood showed it. Her heart sunk. We pulled out and went home for the night. I cleared schedule for AM, and we went back at 1st light. The deer gave us nothing. Blood for about 40 yds and that was it. I grid searched entire back of property, where i felt he went...nothing. Except i found a cool shed from year prior.

I had to get back to work, and so did she. So, we went our seperate ways, and i got to work calling people to get permission to go on neighbors to look for sign. As this is the direction the buck was heading.

I went back that afternoon, permission in hand, with a buddy of mine that knows the area. We were walking field edge looking down in the creeks BS'ing about work. I am scnanning the ground, as well as the woods for anything i could find. I look down...BOOM, blood. A miracle as i saw it. He ended up crossing field at and angle, and entered woods. From there, blood was no issue to find. The deer made it about another 150-200yds, and was layed up dead in a thicket.

I called her immediately, and she was over the moon excited. We got the deer loaded up and came back to buddies farm where she met us.

Come to find out, the shed i found that am, was from the same drop tine buck but from last year. What are the odds.

All in all, it is one of those hunts & deer that were a miracle across the board. I had to eat my words, "You will never see that buck again"

Sorry for my ramblings, but we are both beyond excited. I think i get more excited when other people kill a deer than do when i kill one. Especially a target buck like this, with a story to back it.

My GF had a heck of a season, and i couldnt be happier for her. She sat through some nasty weather, and earned that Buck. I think i was happier for her, than i was when i killed my buck this year. I must be getting old.

The buck ended up scoring 154 7/8, and had 14 scorable points. He had a bunch of other small points, but not over and inch.