Black Coyote


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I know this topic comes up time and again but I saw one this AM that was absolutely black, it was also absolutely a coyote.

There are often claims made by the locals about seeing black coyotes and I shot one last winter that I temporarily would have sworn was black . She came in with the sun behind her on fresh snow. After I had her on the ground it was obvious that she was not black, though extremely dark.

The one this AM was spotted crossing a blacktop road - anything that appears black with that background has got to be very black.

I just thought it was interesting being as I've seen a fair number of coyotes in my life and never saw one that came any where near being black until last winter.

The one this AM had better watch his P's and Q's, he was only a couple of miles from my house crossing out of a scout reservation (no hunting) on to ground that I can hunt.
I had a neighbor tell me he saw one the other day too. Its about a mile from me. He was watching two deer feed in the edge of his yard. Then out pops this black coyote chasing someone's house cat. I'm sure that must have been a sight.

It was seen again this morning. It was about 300 yards from where it was spotted the other day. There is a big pine thicket within 100 yards of where it has been sighted twice in the last couple of weeks. I am guessing that is where he hides out at. Do coyotes like thick pines? I'm sure there are lots of rabbits in there. Along with about everything else coyotes like to eat. I am going to give it a try Monday morning.

I saw an all white coyote in Idaho a few years back. We were duck hunting, and I'd have had to shoot past my father to get him. He was there and gone before i knewit anyways, I don't think I'd have even got a shot off. It looked liek the primest most light color coyote you'd ever see in the dead of winter...but this was only in like september or october, because it was waterfowl season. We went and looked as his tracks that went down a very steep cliff/hill. we didn't see him again.
I've never personally seen a black coyote. But I found this picture of a black one take by a 12 year old girl.


Snow, drop me an e-mail and I'll reply with a couple of pics of one about the color of that above laying next to a conventional gray for comparison - it sure looks 100% coyote to me.
I saw a black one twice last year. I am almost positive it was the same one. THe first time I saw him he was in a field about 5 mile from where I called him in the next time. He was with some other coyotes, but he hung back more, and i didn't get any of em. I am hopin he is still around this year.
Hey shot me a black one last winter that weighed 47#s got him tanned up and hanging in the reloading room. Wish I had a scanner to get some pics on. songdoger