Bogus Leupolds


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I ran into another one of them today. The guy wanted $400 for it. I ask him if he was aware it was a Chinese knock off and he said he thought it was. No doubt in my mind, serial number was 8888SC, and stick on Leupold badges made of paper. He said its still was a good scope and well worth the $400 he was asking for it. I chuckled and said last one I had the adjustment knobs fell off and there's no warranty. But they are still good scopes for the money. I just said I was glad it was his and not mine and walked off. I'm sure after I left it will go back to being a great scope for the money.
I've seen the 8888SC on several bogus Leupolds. Seems that's the serial number they use on all of them. The guy claimed they sold for $700 on Amazon. That's hard for me to believe but I do know you can get a Leupold for $400 that is real with a warranty. Not a top end but a decent scope. Why buy a POS fake that there is no doubt sooner or later (and probably sooner) its will take a crap.
Originally Posted By: koomanAre these usually a certain model or do many models have knockoffs?

This is definitely a knockoff. It came with a Ruger 10/22 I bought and it has been fine.
Works fine now. That's great. But when it quits it is just trash. The main thing is people without the knowledge think they are buying a Leupold, paying the price of a Leupold and getting a Chinese knockoff that has no warranty. I have always been a Nikon fan and have a few but when and if they die....trash dumpster. Now days even though they are probably still good scopes, unless they are cheap I just pass them by. Sometimes even cheap gets a pass by.
Originally Posted By: koomanAre these usually a certain model or do many models have knockoffs?

theres knockoffs for most of the line, depending on where you get them. these days amazon has done a pretty solid job of filtering out the fakes.

but you can still find them on wish.

there's huge red flags out there, mainly being the price point per model, as well as of course the serial # issue. just like everything else in life - if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

nobody is gonna sell a real leupold $1000 optic for $400. just like the fake trijicon ACOGS that sell for $150.